9 Synonyms for “Give Back to the Community”

Are you trying to show that you or a company you work for likes to “give back to the community”?

However, are you also worried the phrase is a bit informal or unprofessional?

Well, we’re here to help answer that question for you.

This article will show you another word for “giving back to the community.”

Is It Professional to Say “Give Back to the Community”?

It is professional to say “give back to the community.” It’s usually a very common choice that people or businesses use when trying to show that they care about others.

Generally, you can use it in these contexts:

  • Company’s mission statement
  • Describing yourself on a resume
  • Writing an essay about your community

It’s a great way to show that you or something else can give back to a community. People generally like reading things like this because it shows empathy and care.

Check out this example to learn more about it:

We intend to give back to the community with this new project. We are very excited to unveil it to you.


  • It’s a great way to show that you’re caring and thoughtful.
  • It works well in professional and non-professional situations.


  • It’s a bit of a generic phrase that everyone uses.
  • It’s fairly bland.

Well, it’s clear that “give back to the community” is useful in professional contexts. But now it’s time to explore some synonyms to see what else is available.

Keep reading to learn a business term for “giving back to the community.” We’ve gathered some of the best alternatives to help you see what else is out there.

What to Say Instead of “Give Back to the Community”

  • Contribute to the community
  • Support the community
  • Make a community impact
  • Be involved in the community
  • Help the community
  • Pay it forward in the community
  • Give back to society
  • Invest in the community
  • Provide for the community

1. Contribute to the Community

You don’t have to go overboard when thinking of a suitable synonym for “give back to the community.”

Keep things simple and start with “contribute to the community.”

It’s a great chance to show how much you give back to society. Generally, it keeps things clear and direct for anyone reading about it.

We recommend using it in a mission statement. That way, you can make it clear to people interested in your company that you plan to make the community a better place.

These examples should help you to understand a bit more about it:

As a company, we strive to contribute to the community wherever possible. That’s why we value these fundraisers so highly.

We contribute to the community because we know it will do the same for us when needed.

2. Support the Community

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to “support the community.” And incidentally, there’s nothing wrong with using it as a synonym for “give back to the community.”

We recommend using this to be clear to the reader. It shares your intentions directly, which is a great way to keep your readers in the loop.

Try it when writing an essay about local ideas or projects. This should help your reader to keep tabs on what you’re writing about.

Here are some great essay samples to help you understand more about it:

These projects were designed to support the community. That’s why I’m certain it’s going to work out well.

They are going to support the community with these drives. It’s a great way to show the people you care.

3. Make a Community Impact

You can describe someone who helps the community by using “make a community impact.”

This shows that you strive for a better community. It’s often a great way to show that you’re happiest when helping others and trying to make your community a better place.

So, a phrase like this goes a long way in a resume. It will help you to sell yourself and show you’re willing to put others first.

Here are some helpful resume examples if you still need help with it:

I like to make a community impact when possible. That’s how I’ve achieved so much in such a short frame of time.

It’s good to make a community impact in this world. I’m always looking for ways to improve the town around me.

4. Be Involved in the Community

If you’re looking for a simple word for someone who gives back to the community, try “be involved in the community.”

If you get involved in the community, it suggests you get stuck in with projects and schemes in your local area.

Try using it when writing about those schemes in an essay. It’s a great way to share ways to introduce yourself to a community if readers are looking for options.

For example, these essay examples will help you:

You have plenty of options if you’d like to be involved in the community. It’s worth exploring them to see what’s out there.

I recommend trying to be involved in the community. There’s no feeling more rewarding than that.

5. Help the Community

You can also write that you “help the community” to show how much you care.

Helping the community is a great way to show people that you’re in it for the greater good rather than yourself.

So, it works wonders when writing a mission statement for your company. It shows that you care about the world around you and will do what you can to make it better.

Feel free to review these examples if you’d like to learn more:

It’s our mission to help the community wherever possible. That’s why we know we’re going to make positive moves here.

We strive to help the community with these donations. It’s good to put communities above businesses when possible.

6. Pay It Forward in the Community

Another way to say “give back to the community” is “pay it forward in the community.”

This time, it works well in a resume. It’s a good choice because it shows employers that you’re empathetic and kind.

Of course, it depends on the job you’re applying for, but for the most part, this is a great trait to bring with you.

And the phrase stays quite formal. So, that’s why it’s an effective choice to include in formal writing when you get the chance.

Check out these CV samples if you still need help:

I tend to pay it forward in the community. It’s my way of giving back to the people around me who got me here.

I like to pay it forward in the community. It’s such a rewarding feeling to see the smiles on everyone’s faces.

7. Give Back to Society

We also think it’s good to say “give back to society” when possible.

This is a formal and direct way to let people know that you care about your local community.

Try using it as a company mission statement. It’ll show people looking into your company that you care deeply about the world around you and aren’t just in it to make a profit.

Also, it’s genuine and caring. Therefore, people will view your company in a more positive light when using phrases like this in a mission statement.

Here are some great examples to help you:

We intend to give back to society whenever possible. It’s our main mission to show the people that we’re serious.

This company will always give back to society. We will put the needs of this society before our own always.

8. Invest in the Community

People like it when you can talk about investments you make. Whether they’re financial investments, time investments, or something else, this is a great way to stand out.

So, you can write “invest in the community” when writing your resume. It’s a great way to show that you give back when possible and provide for the people around you.

Generally, a phrase like this shows you’re caring and committed. These traits go a long way in the workplace, so you’re bound to get employers chasing after you to learn more.

These examples should also help you:

I like to invest in the community, whether that’s through money, skills, or something else.

I’m keen to invest in the community at the first opportunity. I like to give back to the world around me.

9. Provide for the Community

For our last synonym, we want to go with “provide for the community.”

This is a great phrase to use in an essay. It’s helpful because it shows that you want someone to provide goods for a community or you’ve found a company that already does.

Generally, this phrase is formal and clear. There’s no confusion or ambiguity coming from it, so all your readers will know exactly what it means and why you’re writing about it.

Finally, you should review these examples to learn more:

They have managed to provide for the community before. Therefore, these drives are proven to work.

It’s good to provide for the community whenever possible. People often forget where they came from, so providing for those around you is helpful.