One Third or One-Third?

The hyphenated word one-third is the correct way to express a third of something. E.g., “He spent one-third of his salary on clothes.” Furthermore, the … Read more

Check In or Check-In?

The hyphenated word check-in can be a noun or adjective. E.g., “We asked at the check-in desk for a refund.” Furthermore, check in as two … Read more

Large Scale or Large-Scale?

The term large-scale with a hyphen is a compound adjective that comes directly before a noun. E.g., “We are working on a large-scale project.” Also, … Read more

Well Written or Well-Written?

Well-written as one word with a hyphen is a compound adjective that appears directly before a noun. E.g., “Behind Her Eyes was a well-written story.” … Read more

Well Known or Well-Known?

The term well-known as one hyphenated word is a compound word that you place directly before the noun it modifies. E.g., “Madonna is a well-known … Read more

Real World or Real-World?

The two-word term real world is a noun that refers to the actual world rather than an imaginary one. E.g., “He doesn’t live in the … Read more

All Time or All-Time?

The hyphenated term all-time is a compound adjective that you use to describe nouns. E.g., “She was the all-time best swimmer in her category.” Also, … Read more

Hardworking or Hard-Working?

Hardworking and hard-working are both correct. The term hardworking is the correct spelling in American English. E.g., “She is a hardworking woman.” Contrastingly, the term … Read more