World Class or World-Class?

The hyphenated term world-class appears directly before the noun it modifies. E.g., “Apple is a world-class company.” Furthermore, world class as two words is also … Read more

Problem Solving or Problem-Solving?

The term problem-solving with a hyphen is an adjective that describes nouns in a sentence. E.g., “The problem-solving abilities of this program are excellent.” Furthermore, … Read more

Preschool or Pre-School?

The correct spelling is preschool as a single word with no hyphen. E.g., “He works as a preschool teacher.” Furthermore, the hyphenated word pre-school is … Read more

Real Life or Real-Life?

Real life without a hyphen is a noun and refers to what happens in actual life as opposed to fictional life. E.g., “He is not … Read more

Home Made or Homemade?

Homemade as one word is the correct spelling to indicate something was made at home. E.g., “I love homemade pizza.” Writing home made as two … Read more