Large Scale or Large-Scale?

The term large-scale with a hyphen is a compound adjective that comes directly before a noun. E.g., “We are working on a large-scale project.” Also, large scale as two words is the correct noun form. E.g., “The company he works for operates on a large scale.”

There are two correct spelling versions of the term large-scale, which follows the standard grammar rule that applies to many compound words.

That rule states you use the hyphenated version, large-scale, when the thing you refer to comes directly after large-scale.

  • I am overseeing a large-scale art project in my community.

On the other hand, you should use the non-hyphenated version, large scale, when the thing you want to say is large-scale comes before the term itself.

  • Corruption is embedded on such a large scale that it is difficult to envisage a solution.

Additionally, this is the rule that is followed in the UK and the US, and you should use this format when writing a text in AP Style.

Please continue reading the rest of the page, where we explain more about the different forms of the term large scale.

Large Scale

The two-word term large scale is correct. You should use it when the thing you are talking about comes before large scale in the sentence.

The term large scale refers to something that involves many elements or people or something that happens within a large geographical area.

Here is an example of how to use the two-word term correctly.

  • Companies are collecting data on a large scale, often without consumers’ knowledge.


The hyphenated term large-scale is the correct compound adjective form. The term large-scale often refers to things such as projects or business activities.

Furthermore, when you use this form, the noun it describes will always appear straight after large-scale.

For example:

  • Large-scale data processing is being performed every second of every day.
  • His company has secured a large-scale project to provide protective equipment.

If the thing you are referring to comes before the term large-scale, you must remove the hyphen and use large scale.


The term largescale as one word is not correct. Therefore, you must add a hyphen or separate it into two words in order for it to be right.

If you want to use the compound adjective form, you should use a hyphen.

  • Correct: His company only works on large-scale projects.
  • Incorrect: His company only works on largescale projects.

Furthermore, when you want to use the noun version, you should remove the hyphen and use large scale as two words.

  • Correct: The flooding was on such a large scale that emergency crews could not manage.
  • Incorrect: The flooding was on such a largescale that emergency crews could not manage.