10 Synonyms for “Work Closely” on a Resume

So, you want to show that you can “work closely” with someone on a resume.

Well, you might worry the phrase itself is inappropriate or wrong for your resume, but you’ve come to the right place to learn more.

This article will teach you another way to say “work closely” to help keep your CV as interesting as possible.

Is “Work Closely” a Good Phrase for Your Resume?

“Work closely” is a good phrase for your resume. It shows that you’re capable of working in a close capacity with someone or something.

For instance, you can use it to show what departments you’ve worked alongside in previous roles. Usually, this is a great way to share your experience with a recruiter.

So, you can check out these CV samples to learn more about how to use it:

I work closely with operations to make sure that everything goes well when new projects are undertaken.

I work closely with my peers in the workplace. After all, it’s important to value feedback above all else.


  • It’s a great way to share your experience with past jobs.
  • It’s appropriate and formal for a resume.


  • It’s bland.
  • Many people use it in resumes or applications, so it won’t help you to stand out.

Well, “work closely” might be a popular choice for a resume, but it’s not the only one. Now, it’s time to explore some alternatives to show you what else is available.

So, keep reading to learn another word for “work closely.” We’ve touched on the best synonyms available to help you mix things up with your applications.

What to Say Instead of “Work Closely”

  • Collaborate
  • Cooperate
  • Coordinate
  • Team up
  • Partner
  • Liaise
  • Work in tandem
  • Join forces
  • Combine efforts
  • Pool resources

1. Collaborate

We want to start with “collaborate,” which is a formal synonym for “work closely.”

Don’t get us wrong; it’s still a common choice. However, it’s also a buzzword that most recruiters look out for.

So, it’s bound to bump your CV or application ahead of quite a few other candidates.

You can use it when you’ve worked closely together with different departments or clients. Generally, the more people you’ve worked with, the better you’ll look on your resume.

Check out these resume samples if you’d like to learn more:

It’s good to collaborate with clients to learn what they want from your company. Then, you can make plans to move forward with them.

I like to collaborate with different departments in my workplace. I’m please with all the information I’ve learned throughout the years.

2. Cooperate

Next, we recommend “cooperate” as another word for “work closely.” It’s excellent as a one-word synonym that shows you’re happy to work closely with someone.

Generally, “cooperate” is a helpful synonym. It suggests that you’re willing to help someone, and they’re equally willing to help you.

So, you can use it when writing about team projects. It also shows you’re willing to branch out and help clients or vendors when necessary.

Check out these CV samples if you still need help understanding it:

I cooperate with colleagues during team projects. I’m a team player, and I like to show people that they’re heard.

I’m good at cooperating with vendors to let them know what our company expects. It’s why I’m put in charge of these things.

3. Coordinate

When you’re in charge of working closely with something, you might say you “coordinate” it.

Therefore, “coordinate” is a great way to show you have good leadership and communication skills.

Generally, this word will help to sell you in a resume. It shows that you’re able to arrange things in a close working environment with clients or other companies.

Check out these examples if you’d like to learn more:

I coordinate a lot of company retreats when the time comes. Therefore, I know I’ll be a good fit for this role.

I coordinate client meetings frequently. I’m good at navigating people’s schedules to find something suitable for all parties.

4. Team Up

Moving away from one-word synonyms for a second, we’d like to go through “team up.”

It’s a bit more of a casual choice. It shows that you’re a team player and willing to work alongside others.

Generally, this is a great way to show your passion for working together. Most workplaces require teamwork, so this phrase will help you to fit in.

Feel free to review these application samples to learn more:

Teaming up with multiple departments helps me to learn more about my own job. I’m always happy to absorb new information.

I like to team up with people at every opportunity. You can never stop learning from people willing to teach you.

5. Partner

Another way to say “work closely” is “partner.” This works well to show you’re a great team player.

The more people or entities you can “partner” with, the better you’ll appear to a recruiter.

It’s a fantastic choice that really allows you to sell yourself when applying for a job. Your application will improve, and you’ll stand out from other candidates.

We also recommend reviewing these cover letter examples:

It helps to partner with like-minded individuals in the workplace. I’m certain I’ll bring something you haven’t seen before to this role.

I’m happy to partner with any team that needs my assistance. It’s why I know I’ll be a good fit regardless of my department.

6. Liaise

For something more unique, you can write “liaise.”

This is useful because it shows you’re keen to work with others. It also suggests you’re in charge of close partnerships because you’re trusted with them.

For instance, you might “liaise” with other departments in your workplace. This works best if your employer put you in charge of this, as it suggests they trust your ability to do so.

If you’re still confused, you can review these CV samples to learn more:

It’s good that I can liaise with other departments to figure out the best course of action before moving on with a project.

I like to liaise with those around me because I know I can learn from them. Only a fool stops learning in life.

7. Work in Tandem

Another great phrase to include in a job application is “work in tandem.” This time, it shows you’re happy to work alongside others when needed.

Using “in tandem” also suggests you treat every team member equally. Therefore, you’re a good team player and someone that employers will be happy to have on a team.

Also, you can check out these examples if you’d like to learn a bit more:

I work in tandem with multiple people who need help navigating these projects. That’s why I know I’m a good fit here.

I work in tandem with vendors when setting up events. I’m the best choice because I know the inner workings of these things.

8. Join Forces

If you really want to spice up a job application, you can use “join forces.”

This is a powerful word that means you work closely with someone and know what you’re looking for.

It suggests you’re open to learning new things from external parties.

Generally, being open to growth is fantastic to bring to a new workplace. After all, it shows you challenge yourself and do what you can to learn new things as you go.

Feel free to review these CV samples to learn more about it:

I join forces with a lot of other companies when people need help. They tend to rely on me for the inside scoop.

I like joining forces with my peers. It’s a great way to build team cohesion and show that you’re open to ideas.

9. Combine Efforts

It’s also good to write “combine efforts” instead of “work closely.”

This is a fantastic alternative that shows you’re a true team player. Combining efforts often means you’ll add your own ideas, but you’ll be happy to hear other ideas, too.

It’s respectful and sincere. That’s what makes this such a great choice when including it on your CV.

We also recommend reviewing these samples to learn more about it:

I like to combine efforts with other firms to figure out the best approaches. You can never stop learning in the workplace.

It’s good to be combining efforts whenever possible. After all, there’s always more to learn that others might teach you.

10. Pool Resources

Finally, you can try “pool resources” as another synonym for “work closely.”

It’s a helpful way to spice up your resume that will impress a recruiter. It shows that you’re offering your resources to coworkers,and they’re providing resources back.

So, it shows that you are resourceful and open to criticism. It also suggests that you’re more than happy to take people’s ideas on board when you need to hear more.

Check out these resume samples to find out how it works:

I tend to pool resources with other departments a lot. It helps me to understand more about what’s expected of me.

Of course, I pool resources wherever possible. That’s why I’m certain I’m the one for this role.