10 Synonyms for “Token of Appreciation”

Are you trying to offer a “token of appreciation” to someone?

However, are you also a little worried that the phrase is a bit informal or generic?

Well, we’re here to help!

This article will teach you what to say when giving a token of appreciation to someone.

Is It Professional to Say “Token of Appreciation”?

It is professional to say “token of appreciation.”

Generally, you can offer a token of appreciation to anyone who has done you a favor. Usually, it comes in the form of a small gift or kind message.

For instance, you can offer a token of appreciation to a guest speaker at a company event. Alternatively, you can give one to all of your employees if they’ve worked quite hard.

Check out this email sample to learn how to use “token of appreciation” in a sentence:

Dear All,

Please accept this email as a token of appreciation.

I’m so grateful that you managed to work out the best ways to move forward with this.

Kind regards,
Jackson Morpurgo


  • It’s professional.
  • It’s a genuine way to share your appreciation with someone (often including a gift).


  • It’s a bit generic and samey.
  • It sometimes isn’t the best gift to give someone.

Well, you can’t go wrong with saying “token of appreciation” in your writing. However, that doesn’t mean it’s your only option! Now, it’s time to explore the alternatives.

Keep reading to find out how to say “token of appreciation” in different ways. We’ve touched on 10 of the best synonyms to show you what works.

What to Say Instead of “Token of Appreciation”

  • Gesture of gratitude
  • Gesture of goodwill
  • Symbol of thanks
  • Expression of gratitude
  • Sign of appreciation
  • Act of recognition
  • Kind acknowledgment
  • Special thanks
  • Mark of appreciation
  • Expression of thanks

1. Gesture of Gratitude

To start with, we recommend using “gesture of gratitude.” It’s another way to say “token of appreciation” that works well when offering a gift to someone.

You can use it when emailing employees. It’s an effective way to send a bulk email that lets all of your employees know just how happy you are to work alongside them.

Generally, it’s professional and sincere. That’s what makes it work so well when sending a positive message to your employees.

Feel free to review this sample email if you still need help with it:

Dear Team,

I would like you to accept this email as a gesture of gratitude.

You have all put the hours in, and we are finally seeing the payoff!

Thank you so much,
Jess Young

2. Gesture of Goodwill

Another word for “token of appreciation” is “gesture of goodwill.”

Generally, this works well when speaking to clients. You can use it in your messages or when talking to them directly.

This phrase works best when offering a physical gift. It’s best to use it when you’re grateful for something your clients have done to help you.

Check out these sentence samples to learn more about how to use it:

As a gesture of goodwill, I’d appreciate it if you could accept this voucher. I think it’ll show you just how grateful we are.

As a gesture of goodwill, we’d like to offer you a discounted price on our products. We hope it’s enough to show you we care!

3. Symbol of Thanks

You might also want to try “symbol of thanks” when sharing your appreciation with someone.

It’s formal and direct. So, you can use it when thanking a guest speaker via email. It’s a fantastic choice that shows just how grateful you are that someone was able to speak to your team.

After all, they’ve taken time out of their schedule to come along and speak for you. It’s worth sharing appreciation as early as possible to show that they’re valued.

So, you can check out this email sample to learn more about it:

Dear Mr. Dunkirk,

I would like to extend this email to you as a symbol of thanks.

Please let me know if you would like anything more from me in return for your excellent speech.

Mario Gonzalez

4. Expression of Gratitude

It’s also a smart idea to write “expression of gratitude” in a formal letter.

Generally, you can attach a gift or voucher to a letter when using this phrase. It can work well after contacting a panelist to show them you’re grateful to work alongside them.

We recommend using it when sharing respect and gratitude. After all, it’s a great way to let the letter recipient know how valued they are and that you really appreciate what they did.

Feel free to review this example to learn more about how to use it:

Dear Miss Smart,

I would like to offer this expression of gratitude for your appearance as a panelist.

I certainly hope this isn’t the last time we’ll be seeing you.

Kind regards,
Max Willis

5. Sign of Appreciation

We think it’s appropriate to include “sign of appreciation” when writing a letter. It’s a formal way to offer someone a gift or let them know that you’re happy with what they’ve done.

For instance, you can use it when reaching out to a guest speaker.

It’s an effective choice because it shows them how much they mean to you. If they attended an event and spoke to your company, this is a great way to build a positive relationship.

We also recommend reviewing this letter sample to learn more:

Dear Mr. Whitehead,

Please accept this letter and its attached contents as a sign of appreciation.

I’m grateful you were able to attend this event.

Kind regards,
Haley Bennett

6. Act of Recognition

Next, you can write “act of recognition” instead of “token of appreciation.”

This works well when congratulating employees or people who have helped you.

It’s an effective one to include in messages or in passing comments. Either way, you’ll make someone’s day, as it’s a friendly way to extend gratitude or offer a gift.

So, you can review these examples to learn a bit more:

As an act of recognition, I would like to offer you this gift card. Please do with it whatever you please!

I would like to extend my thanks to you as an act of recognition. I’m so grateful that you could come along to this.

7. Kind Acknowledgment

Try using “kind acknowledgment” instead of “token of appreciation.”

This time, we think it’s best to include it in a formal email. It shows that you’re willing to offer genuine gratitude to someone when they’ve helped you out.

For instance, you can use it when emailing your boss. If they’re leaving, this could be a good parting message that shows them just how much you appreciated learning under them.

Feel free to review this email sample if you still need help:

Dear Ms. Rutherford,

Please accept this email as a kind acknowledgment of the role you played as my boss.

I’m so thankful to have learned so much from you.

Best regards,
Julia Walters

8. Special Thanks

Try “special thanks” in your writing. It might look simple, but it’s incredibly effective.

You can use this when writing messages to employees. It shows that you’re really proud of them and happy to see all of the work they’ve put in.

The phrase itself is kind and genuine. So, it’s an ideal way to show a team of people how happy you are with their performances.

Feel free to review these examples to learn more about how it works:

I would just like to give a special thanks to everyone who took part in this challenge over the last month.

I would like to extend a special thanks to my team. After all, I would not have been able to do this without you.

9. Mark of Appreciation

It’s also good to write “mark of appreciation.”

Try using it when emailing a guest speaker after an event. It’ll show them that you’re really happy to have them speak, and you feel like you learned a lot.

Of course, it’s a flattering and kind phrase. That’s what makes it so effective when writing in emails to people who have done a service for you.

You can also review this example to learn more about how to use it:

Dear Miss Appleby,

You were an excellent guest speaker at the event.

Please accept this email (and the attached voucher) as a mark of appreciation.

Thomas Keane

10. Expression of Thanks

Finally, you can use “expression of thanks” to extend your appreciation to someone.

It works well when sending a letter to someone you need to thank. For instance, you can do it when sending a letter to a guest panelist who joined you for a talk.

It’s a great way to share your appreciation and shows how happy you were to hear from them.

Check out this letter sample to find out more about how it works:

Dear Mr. Clarkson,

Thank you so much for attending the event as a panelist.

I hope you accept this letter as an expression of thanks.

All the best,
Jon Watkins