9 Synonyms for “Step Out of My Comfort Zone”

So, you want to show that you can step out of your comfort zone on a resume. Well, you’re going to need to know a few alternatives to keep your writing interesting.

This article will explore other ways to say “step out of my comfort zone.”

Can You Use “Step Out of My Comfort Zone”?

You can use “step out of my comfort zone” in a resume or essay. It’s an idiom that works well when showing you enjoy a challenge. However, it is a bit overused.

It does work in formal capacities since many resumes benefit from including it. However, it is not professional and should be avoided in other professional outlets (like formal emails and meetings).

Here’s an example to show you how it works:

I like to step out of my comfort zone and test myself when starting a new job.


  • It shows you’re up for a challenge.
  • It’s an interesting idiom if you have no other ideas.


  • It’s overused and saturated in resumes.
  • It doesn’t always apply, depending on the job you go for.

“Step out of my comfort zone” works well in resumes, but it’s not the only phrase that does the trick. We recommend learning a few others to keep your writing fresh.

So, keep reading to learn another word for “step out of my comfort zone.” We’ve provided examples for each one to show you how they apply.

What to Say Instead of “Step Out of My Comfort Zone”

  • Broaden my horizons
  • Test myself
  • Up for the challenge
  • Stretch myself
  • Explore my options
  • Give myself a challenge
  • Put pressure on myself to perform
  • Live dangerously
  • Become a beginner again

1. Broaden My Horizons

The first idiom synonym for “step out of my comfort zone” that works is “broaden my horizons.” We recommend using it to show that you’re keen to take on new challenges.

It’s great to show a potential employer that you’re keen to push yourself. Broadening your horizons implies that you’re ready to do exactly that.

It also lets employers know that they should push you. After all, if they want the best out of you, they should do whatever they can to try and encourage it.

You can also refer to these examples if you need help:

I want to broaden my horizons and see what’s out there. It’s why I’m so keen to take a job in this sector.

Broadening my horizons helps to keep me in check. It’s one of my favorite things about starting at a new workplace.

2. Test Myself

While it might seem simple at first glance, “test myself” is a great alternative to “step out of my comfort zone.” We certainly recommend it in resumes to show that you’re keen to learn new things by making things harder for yourself.

Sometimes, it’s easier to learn under pressure. That’s why it’s good to test yourself and see what you can accomplish. Many recruiters will look at a phrase like this in a resume and be impressed that you’re willing to try your hardest.

Here are some resume examples to help you:

I will test myself at every opportunity if I feel bored. That way, I can always find ways to keep growing in the workplace.

I test myself whenever possible. Otherwise, there’s no point in trying to push for the higher-paid jobs.

3. Up for the Challenge

Saying you’re “up for the challenge” doesn’t mean much unless you can back it up with proof. So, as long as you can provide proof that you’re happy to push yourself, you can include this phrase in a professional resume.

We highly encourage it because it’ll show a new employer that you’re ready to take on the workload. If an employer thinks the job you’re going for is challenging, but you say you’re “up for the challenge,” you will guarantee yourself an interview at the very least.

These examples should also help you understand it:

Of course, I’m up for the challenge. There isn’t a project you can throw at me that I won’t give my all for.

I’m always up for the challenge. You can ask my referees to tell you more about my work ethic in my previous roles.

4. Stretch Myself

An interesting alternative comes with “stretch myself.” It often implies that you take on multiple problems at once to see if you can manage them all efficiently.

This is a useful trait to showcase in a resume. Many employers will view you more positively if you can prove that you handle yourself well under pressure.

After all, if you have multiple jobs to work on but are happy to “stretch yourself” with them, you won’t crack or miss any deadlines.

If you’re still unsure, here are a few examples:

I can stretch myself and keep myself involved in multiple things at once. That’s why I’m right for this role.

I always stretch myself to show that I can complete a task, even though it seems impossible.

5. Explore My Options

You can say something like “explore my options” in a resume to show that you’re keen to see what’s available. It’s a great way to introduce yourself to an employer because it shows you’re keen to see what you can do.

Generally, employers want to hire candidates with a passion for learning and developing. If you can prove that you belong to this group, you’ll be much more hireable.

Here are a couple of resume samples to help you if you’re still stuck:

I want to explore my options in the workplace. After all, I believe it’s the best way to find out whether you’re right for the role.

I explore my options whenever possible. It helps me to learn new things and advance through the ranks.

6. Give Myself a Challenge

It’s great to challenge yourself, but sometimes work doesn’t offer that. That’s when you should go out and look for a challenge yourself to see what’s available.

“Give myself a challenge” is a great phrase to include in an essay to show that you find challenges yourself. It shows you are proactive and will look for a good challenge rather than waiting for them to come to you.

Perhaps these examples will also help you:

I will always give myself a challenge when it’s relevant. Otherwise, I’ll get bored and have nothing to test me.

I like to give myself a challenge at every opportunity. That’s the only way I’ll advance in the corporate world.

7. Put Pressure on Myself to Perform

Another way to say “step out of my comfort zone” in an essay is “put pressure on myself to perform.” This could be a great trait to highlight if you’re writing a cover letter or essay describing yourself.

After all, the more pressure you can handle, the better you’ll look to the reader. It shows you do not falter under pressure, making it an incredibly useful trait to take with you in life.

Here are some essay sentence samples to help you with it:

I can put pressure on myself to perform. It allows me to test what I’m capable of and push the boundaries wherever possible.

I put pressure on myself to perform when I want to prove that I can do something. It’s why my experiments go so well.

8. Live Dangerously

Though it might not work in a professional instance, “live dangerously” is still a great alternative to “step out of my comfort zone.” We recommend using it in more casual settings, like when applying to a job that encourages creative writing or conversational language.

It’s great because it shows you always like to live on the edge. It shows you aren’t satisfied with mundane tasks and will do whatever it takes to find excitement in the workplace.

Of course, this doesn’t work in every situation (as already mentioned). But if you find a unique situation when it does apply, then this phrase is going to put you above the rest of the applicants without even trying.

You may also benefit from these examples:

We enjoy living dangerously because it shows we’re learning. There’s so much to learn in this world.

I live dangerously because I don’t like to get stuck in the same routine. That’s why I think this role is perfect for me.

9. Become a Beginner Again

It’s great to strive to be new at something again. Once you get too good at things, you can become quite complacent. It’s humbling to learn something all over again. That’s why “become a beginner again” works well.

The phrase shows you are willing to learn and push yourself. When written in a resume, it shows that you’re happy to take on new tasks that you might not have experience with. This shows an employer that you’re resourceful and enthusiastic.

Perhaps these resume examples will also help you with it:

I want to become a beginner again and prove that I can still learn new tricks.

I enjoy becoming a beginner again. It helps me stay sharp and apply what I learn to my new role.