9 Synonyms for “Spirit Animal”

Are you trying to say that something is your “spirit animal”?

Perhaps you’re worried that the phrase is a bit offensive or rude.

Now, you’ve come here to learn whether it’s acceptable and what alternatives are available to you.

This article will explain what to say instead of “spirit animal” to remove any negative connotations.

Is It Offensive to Say “Spirit Animal”?

It is offensive to say “spirit animal” in some cases. Generally, it can be interpreted as a way to culturally appropriate indigenous people.

It’s deemed culturally insensitive because some people believe it’s a way to mock an indigenous’ groups belief in spirit animals.

With that said, it’s still acceptable when talking amongst friends. It is not a slur and does not cause direct offense to most groups.

Check out this example to learn how it works:

The tiger is definitely my spirit animal. I certainly relate more to it than anything else.


  • It’s a great way to compare yourself to another being.
  • It’s a fun way to explore what you think about yourself.


  • It’s culturally insensitive.
  • Some people find it overly offensive.

So, “spirit animal” might not be the best phrase to include in your writing. Luckily, you have options, and it’s time to explore what the best synonyms will be.

Keep reading to learn alternatives to “spirit animal.” We’ve provided some of the best words and phrases to use and given you examples of each to show you how they work.

What to Say Instead of “Spirit Animal”

  • Inner animal guide
  • Personal animal ally
  • Kindred spirit
  • Animal inspiration
  • Guiding animal companion
  • Animal connection
  • Avatar
  • Role model
  • Inner beast

1. Inner Animal Guide

A politically correct way to say “spirit animal” is “inner animal guide.” This is a great phrase that shows you relate to an animal without being culturally insensitive.

You can use it when writing an essay about your connections to the animal world.

It’s a great way to inform people of what you believe in and which animals you think you relate to.

Also, it removes the need to mention “spirits” or anything similarly offensive. So, most people will be more than happy to hear you using this phrase.

Here are some great examples to help you if you’re still unsure how it works:

Dolphins are my inner animal guides. Without them, I don’t think I’d be able to find my place in this world.

I’m certain that flamingos are my inner animal guides. It’s clear that I’m supposed to be more flamboyant.

2. Personal Animal Ally

You can also write “personal animal ally” as an alternative to “spirit animal.” This phrase works really well as it shows you’re happy to relate to specific creatures.

Also, it shows you treat certain animals as an “ally.” This means that you rely on them to be friendly with you, and you’re happy to relate to them because they match your personality.

Again, it’s non-offensive. So, it’s a great one to include in your writing when you’d like to show that you’re trying to be inclusive and not upset any readers.

You should review these examples to learn more about how it works:

My personal animal ally is simply a dog. It’s one of the easiest choices, but I just relate so much to them.

I have to say that rhinos are my personal animal ally. Seriously, there’s nothing more relatable to me than the way they live.

3. Kindred Spirit

Feel free to use “kindred spirit” as a polite synonym for “spirit animal.”

Yes, “spirit” is still included here. However, it removes the offense behind the phrase as it refers to any being as a “kindred spirit” rather than specifically relating to animals.

Generally, you can use this to refer to animals, people, or even places. It’s a great term that shows you relate to other things in the world.
So, it’s a great talking point to include in your writing.

Also, you can review these examples to learn more:

This monkey is definitely a kindred spirit of mine. I’ve never met a creature that I possess so many similar traits with.

It’s a kindred spirit for sure, as I’ve never related more to an animal in my life. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

4. Animal Inspiration

To go for a simpler option, you can write “animal inspiration.” This is a great phrase to include when writing an essay, as it shows that you’ve thought about which animals inspire you.

Of course, it would work really well when answering the question “which animal inspires you?”

This means you can use it to be non-offensive when discussing your spirit animal. Most readers will be happy to read something like this without you accidentally causing them any offense.

Check out these examples if you still need help understanding it:

My animal inspiration is a rattlesnake. Now, I know that’s quite surprising, but I really like the way they act.

I certainly have a strong connection with my animal inspiration. For reference, it’s an otter.

5. Guiding Animal Companion

Use “guiding animal companion” as another way to say “spirit animal.”

This is a great phrase to include in your writing that shows you want to avoid offending any cultures. It works really well and suggests that you see an animal as a guide rather than a spirit.

Generally, you can use this when you think animals can guide you in life. Of course, this is a spiritualistic way of thinking, but you don’t have to use “spirit” itself to talk about it.

You can also check out the following examples to learn more:

I don’t know what my guiding animal companion is. I guess I haven’t put that much thought into it yet.

My guiding animal companion is a rhino. I’m certain that they’re the animals I most relate to in the wild.

6. Animal Connection

We all connect to things in the world around us. Some of us connect to nature, some to the stars, while others connect to animals and wildlife.

That’s where “animal connection” comes in.

You can use this when writing an essay about the animals you most connect with. It’ll let the reader know what you think about yourself and how you relate to the world around you.
Sometimes, it’s quite telling about someone’s personality. Depending on the animal they choose as their connection, you can learn a lot about them.

You can also review these sentence samples to learn more:

I have a strong animal connection with elephants. They just seem to get me more than anything else.

It’s clear that my animal connection is with chimpanzees. I seem to channel them on a daily basis.

7. Avatar

For something a little more interesting and unique, try “avatar.” This is a great way to discuss the things you believe in and whether you relate to any animals around you.

We recommend using this when discussing creatures that you relate to. It’s highly effective, as it shows that you channel the spirits of certain animals.
It’s a great way to sculpt your personality, too. So, it’ll let the reader know that you’ve thought things through and relate more to specific types of animals than others.

Also, you can check out these examples to learn more:

I haven’t decided which creature my avatar will be. I’m still looking at the pros and cons to weigh it up.

My avatar is a parrot. My mother always said that to me, and I always took offense to the idea of it.

8. Role Model

It’s great to use terms like “role model” to avoid offending anybody as well.

This synonym can refer to any animal or living thing. You can also have other people as “role models,” so it’s quite a good choice for a blanket term to talk about inspirations.

However, in this instance, we like the idea of referring to specific animals as “role models.”

It’s a great way to show how you relate to animals. It also shows you respect and care for animals more because you relate to them.

Feel free to refer to these examples to learn more about it:

I like the idea that this gorilla is a role model for me. I’d like to live more like him, as he seems so carefree.

Honestly, I could say that a lion is a role model. They’re the kings of the jungle, and that’s enough for me.

9. Inner Beast

Finally, you can use “inner beast” to help you spice things up in your writing.

It’s a great replacement for “spirit animal” that suggests you have something deep down inside you.

It allows you to connect with the animal world and show that you’re similar to certain animals around you.

You can also refer to these examples to learn more about it:

I think the tiger is my inner beast. There’s just something so primal about it that I can connect with more than anything else.

I don’t know what my inner beast is. Generally, it changes from day to day, and it’s dependent on my mood.