9 Synonyms for “Food and Drink”

So, you want to find one word for “food and drink” that helps to sum up the industry or include it on an invitation.

Perhaps you’re worried that “food and drink” is unprofessional.

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

This article will explore another word for “food and drink” to give you options.

Is It Professional to Say “Food and Drink”?

It is professional to say “food and drink,” as it’s one of the simplest ways to talk about the food and drink industry.

People tend to use it when describing roles within the industry. It’s also possible to include “food and drink” on an invitation.

Here’s an example showing you how to use “food and drink” in a sentence:

The food and drink industry has taken a hit as of late. So, we’re going to need to do a lot to help fix things.

Also, refer to this example to learn how to use it in an invitation:

Dear Guests,

We are excited to welcome you to our wedding. There will be complimentary food and drink throughout the event.


  • It’s a simple way to discuss both food and drink at the same time.
  • It’s professional.


  • It’s fairly boring.
  • It’s repetitive.

Feel free to use “food and drink” in your formal writing. After all, it’s already a suitable phrase that works well when describing food and drink in different situations.

However, keep reading to learn a few alternatives! This article has provided some synonyms to help you understand another way to say “food and drink.”

What to Say Instead of “Food and Drink”

  • Cuisine
  • Refreshments
  • Snacks
  • Beverages
  • Provisions
  • Grub
  • Victuals
  • Sustenance
  • Consumables

1. Cuisine

To start with, we want to go over “cuisine.” It’s a great phrase to include in your writing that refers to both “food and drink.”

We recommend using it as a more fancy choice. It shows that you know what you’re talking about and like referring to food and drink as finer refreshments.

Above all else, it’s formal. So, it’s a great way to discuss things like the “food and drink” industry.

Also, being that it’s only one word, it’s a great way to cover both food and drink without needing to sound overly wordy or irrelevant in your writing.

Most readers will prefer reading one word over three. That’s why they prefer things like “cuisine” to “food and drink.”

Feel free to review these examples if you still need help with it:

I’m glad that I work for the cuisine industry. It’s taught me so much about culinary arts and fine foods.

He’s the cuisine supplier for the event. So, we need to go through him if we want anything specific delivered.

2. Refreshments

Also, let’s say you’re writing a party invitation for your friends or colleagues. Well, you’ll want to find a concise way to say “food and drink” when doing so, right?

Luckily, “refreshments” is perfect for that. It works well in a formal invitation.

It shows that you offer food and drink to guests, which is a great way to encourage most people to come to your event.

Generally, people will be happier to attend events when they know they’ll be fed. It’s more enticing if they’re told that the refreshments will also be free.

Here are some great examples to help you figure out how it works:

We have already looked into refreshments for the event. We certainly hope that you’ll come along to enjoy them.

There will be plenty of refreshments. So, we hope you don’t overlook this invitation, as it would be nice to see you.

3. Snacks

Another great term to include on an invitation is “snacks.” Yes, “snacks.” It’s a simple and somewhat friendly word, but it’s a great choice nonetheless.

Generally, this is a great way to invite friends or family to a party. It lets them know to expect snacks when they arrive at your event.

It’s fun and light-hearted, as far as synonyms for “food and drink” go.

Also, it’s quite a simple choice. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a native speaker who doesn’t know what “snacks” means when they see it written on an invitation.

We also recommend reviewing these examples to learn more:

We would like to invite you to our birthday party. Of course, there will be complimentary snacks for all those looking to attend.

There will be snacks ready for you. So, please come along and celebrate our big day with us.

4. Beverages

When people see “beverages” written down, they usually assume it means “drink” and only “drink.”

However, “beverages” is also correct as a blanket term for refreshments (i.e., both food and drink).

We recommend using it when writing about the food and drink industry. It’s a great way to let people know you’re interested in it and have a few ideas as to how it works.

Generally, this keeps things quite simple for the readers. So, it’s a good way to introduce what you know.

Also, you should check out these examples to learn more:

It’s good to have beverages ready and prepared for all the guests. After all, we won’t want to let them down.

The beverage industry is very important to this family. It’s where most of our wealth has come from over the years.

5. Provisions

Try using “provisions” instead of “food and drink” as well. It’s an excellent one-word synonym that shows you have thought about what to feed people at an event.

It also works quite well when discussing the industry as a whole.

Generally, though, you would use “provision” when writing an invitation. It’s a great way to show that you’ve considered everyone’s options and want to ensure people are fed and watered.

Feel free to review these examples if you still need help:

He’s the provisions manager. So, you should probably speak to him if you think we’re missing anything specific.

What do you know about the provisions they’re serving tonight? I’m not sure if I can eat any of this.

6. Grub

A creative word for “food and drink” is “grub.” You’ll often see it used when people are speaking colloquially or casually.

Generally, this is more of a slang term. It’s a great one to include when you’re inviting friends to an event.

Of course, since it’s a bit more casual, it won’t work as well when discussing more formal settings. That’s why we recommend it more when you know the readers are more informal.

You can refer to these sentence samples to learn more about it:

I would like to serve from grub at the event. However, I’m unsure how much money I’m going to be able to put aside for it.

It’s good to have grub ready to go for everyone attending. I’ve got a few ideas already there if need be.

7. Victuals

An old-fashioned word for “food and drink” is “victuals.” You might not have heard about it before, but it’s a great way to describe food and beverage at specific events.

Generally, “victuals” is a blanket term that refers to any food, drinks, refreshments, or provisions served at an event.

It’s also a good way to discuss the food and drink industry as a whole.

However, since it’s quite old-fashioned, not many readers will understand you. It isn’t used much anymore, so it’s meaning is a bit lost.

Here are some examples to show you how to use it nonetheless:

I have spoken to the victuals supplier about this. I think they’re happy to serve us for the main event on Friday.

There are plenty of victuals to go around. All you have to do is ask, and I’ll see what we can get out of it.

8. Sustenance

It’s worth using “sustenance” as a fancy word for “food and drink.”

You might have heard of this one before. While it’s fancy, it’s also quite common. Therefore, most readers will know what you mean when you write it.

It’s highly effective as a more formal and direct synonym. We recommend using it because it covers both food and drink (basically anything that “sustains” the body).

You can also review these examples to learn more about how it works:

I’m somewhat of a sustenance expert. You can ask me anything, and I’ll tell you all I know about it.

They work in the sustenance industry. That’s why they always seem to have plenty of spares to go around.

9. Consumables

Finally, you can write “consumables” in an invitation. It’s a great way to let guests know what to expect.

Of course, if you provide consumables, it usually lets invited guests know they won’t need to pack their own food.

This is a great way to show that you’re happy to provide them with anything they might need.

Feel free to review these invitation examples to learn more about it:

There will be complimentary consumables at our party. So, we really hope that we’ll get to see you all there.

I have prepared consumables for everyone who attends. I’m hoping you’ll be happy to come along to see what I’ve done.