10 Other Ways to Say “I Believe” in an Essay

To write an essay well, you need to limit redundant phrases. Therefore, you need to know the best ways to start sentences to keep the reader engaged.

If you’re trying to use “I believe” in an essay, you will need something different to mix things up.

Luckily, this article has gathered the best phrases to help you. We’ll show you how to say “I believe” in an essay.

Can You Use “I Believe” in an Essay?

You can use “I believe” in an essay, but you should only use it once. It’s not something you should repeat if you can avoid it.

It’s okay to use in an argumentative essay. After all, it suggests you have an argument to share that provides your honest opinion about something.

However, it is bad to use if you repeat it too much. Try to avoid using it more than once. Stick to alternatives to keep things interesting.

Here’s an example to help you understand it:

I believe this is the best way to go about the situation. I’m certain we can find common ground.


  • It’s a great way to share your argument.
  • It keeps things fairly personal as the reader goes through your essay.


  • It can easily become repetitive.
  • It’s not the most inspiring phrase to include.

While “I believe” works well in some cases, it’s not always the best choice. We recommend having a few alternatives ready to mix things up.

So, keep reading to learn what to use instead of “I believe” in an essay.

What to Say Instead of “I Believe” in an Essay

  • From where I stand
  • My take is
  • In my opinion
  • It seems to me
  • I’m of the opinion that
  • As far as I know
  • My position is
  • In my view
  • It appears that
  • From my perspective

1. From Where I Stand

You can write “from where I stand” instead of “I believe” in an essay. It works well in academic writing because it’s very professional and unbiased.

It suggests you have an opinion, but you’re willing to debate with the reader. We recommend using it if you’re trying to write a more argumentative essay.

After all, it’s a great way to capture the reader’s attention. It suggests you’re willing to hear them out (even though they can’t talk to you).

Here are some great examples to help you:

From where I stand, this is the only way to tackle the situation. There are no alternatives.

From where I stand, this is the best course of action. Therefore, I think we should capitalize on it.

2. My Take Is

For a more direct alternative, you can write “my take is.” It’s another way to say “I believe” in an essay.

Saying you have a “take” suggests you believe something that others might not. It’s useful because it shares an opinion that you don’t expect the reader to share with you.

It’s just a simple way to share your idea and debate the different sides.

Review these examples if you’re still unsure:

My take is that we can’t find a better solution for this. It’s the only way the project can continue.

My take is argued a lot, but it happens to suggest the best way to move forward.

3. In My Opinion

One of the most common alternatives to “I believe” is “in my opinion.” It’s highly effective because it’s formal and respectful.

It’s a considerate phrase that suggests you’re only sharing your thoughts. It doesn’t imply that the reader is wrong if they don’t share the same opinion as you.

We recommend using it to keep your essay unbiased. It’s especially effective if you’re not trying to antagonize the reader.

You may even refer to the following examples:

In my opinion, this isn’t the only option. However, it is the only option that doesn’t cost the company more money.

In my opinion, they made a mistake in their judgment. Now, everyone has to pay for it.

4. It Seems to Me

If you want to know how to say “I believe” in an essay without saying I, you can start with “it seems to me.”

It’s a great way to start a sentence sharing an opinion. We recommend using it to express your views, even if you’re not convinced your views are correct.

This phrase works incredibly well in most formal writing. It’s useful in academic cases because it shows you’re open to exploring your ideas and what “seems” to be correct.

You can also review these examples:

It seems to me this whole situation could have been resolved sooner. Unfortunately, nobody wanted to listen.

It seems to me there are more ways to create problems for them. This battle is far from over.

5. I’m of the Opinion That

For a slightly wordier alternative, you can use “I’m of the opinion that.” Of course, it’s a bit redundant, meaning you should only use it once in an essay.

The more you use this phrase, the less impactful it’ll sound throughout your essay.

Don’t get us wrong; it’s still effective. However, it’s something you should only include to mix things up and keep your writing fresh whenever possible.

Generally, this works well in academic writing. It shows you’re open to new opinions and will express different viewpoints in your essay.

Here are some examples to help you understand more about it:

I’m of the opinion that they didn’t need to advance to the frontline. The war did not need to continue.

I’m of the opinion that this was the best way to complete the project. I would like to hear if this isn’t the case.

6. As Far as I Know

You may use “as far as I know” instead of “I believe” as well. It’s another word for “I believe” in an essay that shows you’re exploring your ideas and talking about your opinions.

Generally, this phrase makes it clear that you don’t claim to know everything. It suggests to the reader that you’re willing to hear different views before concluding anything.

Therefore, this is a great way to remain unbiased in your writing. You should absolutely try to include it to keep things interesting.

Check out these essay examples as well:

As far as I know, there has only been one recorded discussion of this in the history of the topic.

As far as I know, this is the best plan. Nobody has offered a more suitable alternative yet.

7. My Position Is

Sharing your position (i.e., your opinion) in an essay is an excellent choice. It works well argumentatively because it shows where you stand and whether you’re willing to change your mind.

Generally, “positions” are firm. Therefore, including “my position is” in your academic writing suggests you won’t change your mind easily.

It’s effective to show a reader you’re unwilling to back down from an argument. It also helps that it’s very professional, making it excellent to use in essays.

Here are some great samples to show you how it works:

My position is that we can’t keep going like this. It’s not a sustainable way to continue.

My position is that things must change quickly. Otherwise, it’s only a matter of time before things go south.

8. In My View

You should share viewpoints and opinions in your debates. It allows the reader to follow your views and decide whether they agree with you.

Try using “in my view” instead of “I believe” to do this. It shows you’re sharing your opinion with the reader.

This is a great way to learn whether the reader agrees with you. It’ll tell them everything they need to know regarding the context of the essay in question.

You can also refer to the following examples:

In my view, this is the worst political divide we’ve had in this country.

In my view, we can still fix the problems. However, nobody seems willing to take the first step.

9. It Appears That

You can use “it appears that” as another way to say “I believe.” Showing how things “appear” refers to how you might generate your own point of view.

You can use “it appears that” to show that you’ve understood something in your own way.

Of course, you might be wrong. However, this is the basis of most arguments, and it shows you’re willing to explore your view.

Perhaps these essay samples will also help you:

It appears that I’m correct about this. Every argument against me has thus far proven to be false.

It appears that they don’t have a suitable backup in place. Therefore, they must refer to my original plan.

10. From My Perspective

“From my perspective” shows you how to say “I believe” in an essay without saying I. Instead, it uses the personal pronoun “my” to mix things up.

It’s a great formal choice that allows you to share your ideas and opinions.

Giving your perspective tells the reader what you think directly. It’s highly effective if you’re trying to convince the reader that your point of view is the best one to adopt.

Here are some examples to help you:

From my perspective, this is a bad idea. I can’t understand why people want to go through with it.

From my perspective, they are wrong. I don’t think I can explain why that’s the case, though.