9 Other Ways to Say “Have a Good Rest of Your Day”

It’s always polite to wish someone well. And you can say “have a good rest of your day” to do so. However, it might help to know a few alternatives.

This article has gathered the best synonyms to use instead of “have a good rest of your day.”

Is It Professional to Say “Have a Good Rest of Your Day”?

It is professional to say “have a good rest of your day.” It’s a popular phrase to sign off formal emails after you’ve shared information with someone.

Also, it helps that it’s a very polite phrase. It’s a positive wish that shows you would like someone to make the most of their day (regardless of how much time is left to do so).

You can refer to this example to see more about how to use it:

I hope you have a good rest of your day. I’ll see you later this week.


  • It’s a polite way to wish someone well.
  • It works well in spoken and written English.


  • It’s quite generic.
  • It won’t work in friendly situations because it’s a bit impersonal.

“Have a good rest of your day” is one of the best ways to wish someone well before starting their day. With that said, it’s always worth having a look through some alternatives to keep things interesting.

Keep reading to learn how to say “have a good rest of your day”  in an email. We’ve also provided an example for each synonym.

What to Say Instead of “Have a Good Rest of Your Day”

  • Have a wonderful day
  • Have the best day
  • Hope you have a great day
  • I wish you all the best today
  • All the best for today!
  • Enjoy the rest of your day
  • Enjoy your day
  • Have fun today
  • I hope you have a good time today

1. Have a Wonderful Day

Let’s start with something simple. You don’t have to change much about the original phrase to create a useful new synonym. Just try “have a wonderful day” instead of “have a good rest of your day.”

It’s polite and friendly, making it an excellent replacement for a business email.

We recommend using it when emailing colleagues early in the day. It shows that you want them to make the most of the day to come.

This email example should also help you with it:

Dear Katherine,

Have a wonderful day. I know you’re going to be out of the office for most of the day, so I’ll look after the team.

Jonathan Peterson

2. Have the Best Day

Another great (and simple) alternative is “have the best day.” This time, you can use the superlative term “best” to show that someone’s day can’t get any better.

It shows you are polite and friendly, which are two characteristics that will get you far in the workplace.

We recommend using this when emailing employees in a more friendly manner. It’s always good to try and create a positive working relationship with them.

Here’s a great email sample to show you how it works:

Dear Carly,

Have the best day today. I hope you’ll still be able to work on the project with Darren once he gets back.

All the best,
Kylie Jenkins

3. Hope You Have a Great Day

You can say “hope you have a great day” instead of “have a good rest of your day” in many cases too. It shows that you hope someone enjoys their day and makes the most of whatever comes their way.

It works both formally and informally. So, you can use it to either email employees or colleagues, depending on the situation at hand. It’s a very versatile choice that looks good in most professional emails.

Check out the following example if you’re still unsure:

Dear Patricia,

I hope you have a great day. Is there anything you need from me before you begin your work?

All the best,
Freya Sanderson

4. I Wish You All the Best Today

“I wish you all the best today” is a great alternative to “have a good rest of your day.” We highly recommend it when you want someone to enjoy their day and make the most of whatever comes their way.

Generally, using “all the best” here suggests that someone has an important event today. It could be a good way to wish them luck before it happens.

You may use it to email colleagues when you email them early in the day. It shows that you support them and want them to succeed.

This sample email should clear a few things up:

Dear Scott,

I wish you all the best today. Of course, you should come to me if there’s anything you still need help with.

Best wishes,
Holly Catford

5. All the Best for Today!

If someone has something important coming up in their day, you should get behind them. When colleagues have an important event or business meeting, “all the best for today!” is a great way to share your support.

We highly recommend this when someone you work with has a presentation or interview. It shows that you wish them well for the day ahead, regardless of what happens. It’s very polite and shows you care about what your colleagues get up to.

Perhaps this email sample will help you as well:

Dear Sandra,

All the best for today! I’m only an email away if you need me. Otherwise, I hope the project goes well.

All the best,
Jason Sergeant

6. Enjoy the Rest of Your Day

Even if you don’t know what’s happening in someone’s day, you can still wish them well and get them to enjoy it. That’s where “enjoy the rest of your day” comes in.

It’s a really friendly synonym for “have a good rest of your day.” It’s particularly effective in the workplace when a colleague needs a morale boost. We highly recommend using it to show that you want someone to enjoy themselves.

Also, here’s an email example to show you how it works:

Dear Joanna,

Enjoy the rest of your day. There are plenty of things to get on with, so I’ll try not to distract you for too long.

Rebecca Sell

7. Enjoy Your Day

You can also go back to the basics and stick with “enjoy your day.” You do not have to mention “the rest of your day” in most cases. “Enjoy your day” does the trick because it shows that someone should make the most of what’s to come.

You can use it in casual emails to people you work with. Your coworkers will appreciate the enthusiasm and simplicity behind this synonym. That’s why it’s such an effective choice in most cases.

This email example should show you more about it:

Dear Craig,

I hope you enjoy your day today. I know you’ve got a lot on your plate, but I feel like this will be a good one.

All the best,
Suzie Parker

8. Have Fun Today

It can be all too easy to forget to have fun at work. That’s why it’s good to remind those around you to stop what they’re doing and enjoy themselves from time to time.

“Have fun today” is an excellent way to encourage colleagues to enjoy themselves. No matter what they have to do at work, it’s always nice to try and encourage them to have fun. After all, who doesn’t like having fun?

The following example should also help you understand it better:

Hi Stacey,

Have fun today. I know it’s still early, but I would quite like to meet with you later today if that’s okay.

All the best,
Johnny Storm

9. I Hope You Have a Good Time Today

Finally, we recommend trying “I hope you have a good time today” in formal emails. It shows that you care about someone’s day and want them to find fun and enjoyment wherever they can.

We encourage using this to email employees. If you’re the boss, they might have forgotten that you care about them. So, a phrase like this works as a good reminder. It shows you still care about the welfare and enjoyment of your employees.

Check out this example if you need more help:

Dear Marge,

I hope you have a good time today. I’m keen to hear from you about the new figures for the project.

Best wishes,
Manny Taylor