9 Other Ways to Say “Great Asset to the Team”

Saying someone is a great asset to the team is a great way to promote them in the business world. You can keep things simple with the phrase, but other alternatives stand out too.

This article has compiled a list of the best phrases to give you another way to say “great asset to the team.”

Is It Professional to Say “Great Asset to the Team”?

It is professional to say “great asset to the team.” It’s a really good compliment to give someone when you consider them a valuable member of your company.

Check out this example if you want more help with it:

We consider David to be a great asset to the team. Without him, we wouldn’t be able to stay afloat.


  • It’s a positive way to sell yourself (or someone else).
  • It’s professional and great to include in a resume.


  • It’s uncreative because there are so many other options.
  • It’s quite common, meaning it’s a bit overused.

“Great asset to the team” is certainly one of the best phrases to include in a resume. However, it’s not the only one you can use.

Keep reading to learn how to say someone is a great asset to the team. We’ve also provided resume examples to help you.

What to Say Instead of “Great Asset to the Team”

  • Valuable member of the team
  • Well suited to the role
  • A big part of the team
  • Instrumental member of the team
  • Worthy addition to the team
  • Useful part of the team
  • A genuine asset
  • A solid member of the team
  • A dependable team player

1. Valuable Member of the Team

Another way to say “great asset to the team” is “valuable member of the team.”

It lets a potential employer know that someone has been a great asset to the company in the past and will likely bring it with them to a new role.

It’s a great one to include in a reference. If someone has asked you to write positively, this is a great way to encourage the reader to hire the referee. After all, it’s invaluable to be a great asset to a team.

Check out these examples:

He is a valuable member of the team. It’s worth hiring him to see what he’ll bring to the company.

She is a valuable member of the team. Without her, we wouldn’t have achieved half of what we have done today.

2. Well Suited to the Role

“Well suited to the role” is another great alternative to “great asset to the team.”

We recommend using this when writing a resume. It shows that you think you’re a good fit for a new position.

It’s a confident way to sell yourself in a resume. After all, it lets a new employer know that you value yourself and know that you’ll bring quality to any company that hires you.

Here are a few resume samples to show you how it works:

I would be well suited to the role that you are offering. I’ve proven myself with my previous places of employment.

I am well suited to the role. Therefore, I think I would be a good hire, and you won’t regret this chance.

3. A Big Part of the Team

You can say that someone is “a big part of the team” to help sell them to a new employer.

It shows that you value them as a team member and want to see them succeed.

For instance, an employee might ask you to write them a reference. Including a phrase like this shows that you believe they played a large role in your company.

This is a great way to encourage a new recruiter to take one of your old employees on board.

You can also refer to the following examples:

You are a big part of the team. We have done so much because of you and everything you’ve offered.

Since you have been such a big part of the team, we’d like to offer you a more permanent position.

4. Instrumental Member of the Team

Who doesn’t love being “instrumental” to a team or course? It’s a very powerful description for someone who is integral to a team.

After all, it suggests that you need them and their abilities more than anything else in the workplace.

So, it’s naturally a great way to sell someone in a reference or resume. We highly recommend using it if you want to paint someone in a really good light.

Most new employers will be stunned to hear that someone was instrumental and will immediately want to hire them.

Perhaps these examples will also help you with it:

She has been an instrumental member of the team. Of course, we’d be sad to see her go.

I am an instrumental member of the team. A lot of my work has helped the company get to where it is today.

5. Worthy Addition to the Team

If someone is a “worth addition to the team,” it implies that they are easy to work with.

It also suggests that they help the team however they can at any given opportunity. So, you can’t really go wrong with a phrase like this.

We recommend including this as part of a reference. It shows how much you value someone as an employee. If they’re looking for a new position elsewhere, this is a great way to send them off positively.

Check out these examples if you’re still unsure:

He will be a worthy addition to the team. Give him a few weeks to settle in, and you’ll see what he can do.

I was a worthy addition to the team. They didn’t know how to progress until I came and helped them.

6. Useful Part of the Team

You can also say someone is a “useful part of the team” if you want to sound more positive and direct.

Generally, this works well in a resume, as it shows you are useful to have around.

Using a phrase like “useful” suggests that you have skills that other team members might not have.

Therefore, it lets an employer know they should hire you. After all, they’ll be interested to learn what makes you so useful.

These resume samples should also help you understand it:

I will be a useful part of the team. I have plenty of experience that should shine through when you hire me.

Of course, I am a useful part of the team I’m currently a part of. However, I would like to explore my options.

7. A Genuine Asset

“Genuine” is a really interesting modifier in written contexts. If you call someone “a genuine asset,” it means you cannot fault their work ethic.

It also suggests that you couldn’t have gotten far without someone’s help.

We highly recommend this phrase if you want to sell someone positively. It suggests that you really value an employee’s work rate and ability. You should certainly use it when filling out a reference for one of your best employees.

Here are a few examples to help you with it:

He is a genuine asset, and we would be sad to see him go. However, he will be in good hands with you.

She will be a genuine asset to your company. Please consider her for the role before looking elsewhere.

8. A Solid Member of the Team

“A solid member of the team” is a great phrase to include in any situation. Of course, using “solid” as the adjective is more conversational. However, that doesn’t mean it’s inappropriate to include it in a resume.

You can use “a solid member of the team” when writing a resume for a more casual workplace. It shows that you believe you will be a good fit for the business and expect to do big things for them.

If you’re still unsure, check out the following examples:

I was a solid member of the team during my time at the company. I hope I’ll be able to demonstrate that when working with you.

She is a solid member of the team. We couldn’t have achieved much without her input in our group projects.

9. A Dependable Team Player

Teamwork is an excellent thing to showcase when applying for new jobs. You will almost always find teamwork as a requirement in a job description.

That’s why “a dependable team player” is a great phrase to use to sell yourself or an employee.

If someone is dependable, it means you can rely on them to help. If they are a team player, it means you trust them as part of a team. Therefore, they are some of the best people to hire.

You should include this phrase in a resume or a reference, depending on who you’re writing about. It’s a great way to encourage a new employer to take someone on.

These examples will also help you understand more about it:

Joel is certainly a dependable team player. He knows exactly what we’re looking for in our group projects.

You are a dependable team player. It would be hard to do most of this without you around to help us.