9 Other Ways to Say “God Bless You”

So, you want to give someone your blessings, right?

But are you worried that “God bless you” isn’t an appropriate phrase anymore?

Don’t worry; you have options!

This article has gathered some alternatives to show you what to say instead of “God bless you.”

Is It Wrong to Say “God Bless You”?

It is not wrong to say “God bless you” if you are talking to other religious people. However, to non-religious folk, it is deemed outdated and unnecessary.

Don’t worry, though. It’s not offensive. Even if someone isn’t religious, the phrase is perfectly acceptable to use.

It’s technically a compliment. It shows that you care deeply about the person you’re blessing, and you want to wish them well and hope that God is with them.

You can say it to people of your religion. Generally, it’s best to keep it within your own religion (i.e., only saying it to other Christians if you’re a Christian).

Here’s an example showing you how it works if you still need help:

Oh, God bless you, young man. I hope I’ll get the chance to see you again soon, as it sounds like you’re going places!


  • It’s polite.
  • It’s a good compliment to use when speaking to other religious people.


  • It’s outdated.
  • Most non-religious speakers and writers don’t care about the sentiment behind it.

While “God bless you” is a great phrase to use to wish someone well, it doesn’t mean it’s your only choice.

So, keep reading to learn another way to say “God bless you” when you want to mix things up!

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What to Say Instead of “God Bless You”

  • Blessings upon you
  • May God be with you
  • May you be blessed
  • Stay blessed
  • May divine favor shine upon you
  • May God’s grace be upon you
  • Blessings and grace to you
  • May you receive heavenly blessings
  • May you be touched by His blessings

1. Blessings Upon You

You can start with “blessings upon you.” It removes the need to include “God” in the phrase, which could make it easier to avoid offending non-religious speakers.

Generally, this phrase works well as a Jewish way to say “God bless you.” After all, it’s upcoming for Jewish people to say “God bless you.”

However, they still believe in blessings. Therefore, this caring and polite phrase shows that you still want to bless someone without directly referencing God.

You can review these examples to learn more about it:

Blessings upon you, my child! Thank you so much for coming to me with this. You made the right call.

Blessings upon you. This isn’t going to be an easy transition, but I know you’re strong enough to handle it.

2. May God Be With You

Try using “may God be with you” instead of “God bless you.” It can be seen as a Muslim way to say “God bless you” (you can also write “Allah” instead of “God”).

We recommend this because it shows you care about the person you’re speaking to.

It suggests that you’re willing to offer your blessings and those of your God.

Generally, this is a great way to get on someone’s good side. It shows you believe in them and want them to get the most out of life.

Also, feel free to review these examples:

May God be with you. That’s all you need if you want to succeed in life. Trust me; he’s got your back.

May God be with you on this day. And don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do the things you want to.

3. May You Be Blessed

Feel free to write “may you be blessed” as a different way to say “God bless you.”

Again, it removes “God” from the phrase, making it less offensive when speaking to non-religious people.

We recommend using it because it shows you care and believe in someone. Allowing someone to feel blessed shows them just how much you want them to succeed.

If you’re still unsure, you can check out these examples:

May you be blessed as you continue forth. This is going to be a real turning point in your life; I can just tell.

May you be blessed on this fine day. I want you to go out there with a smile on your face and seize it.

4. Stay Blessed

Another way to say “God bless you” is “stay blessed.” It’s a great phrase that shows you want someone to look after themselves.

Generally, this phrase is just as loving and religious as saying “God bless you.”

So, it works really well when you’d like to impart a blessing on to someone you care about.

Feel free to review these examples if you still need help with it:

Stay blessed as you venture into the unknown depths of this world. I want you to make smart decisions as you go.

Stay blessed! Don’t let yourself be disheartened. You will face failure, but that’s a part of life.

5. May Divine Favor Shine Upon You

You can also write “may divine favor shine upon you.” This blessing is unique and helps you to stand out from the crowd when blessing people or wishing them well.

Try using it when you want to show someone you care.

It’s a great way to relate to the things someone has going on in their life. It generally allows you to keep up with them and show them that you’ll always be there to wish them well and bless them.

We also recommend reviewing the following examples:

May divine favor shine upon you. This is going to be a difficult transition, but I’m certain you’ll make it work.

May divine favor shine upon you, child. I’m so proud that you’re finally taking this step to better your life.

6. May God’s Grace Be Upon You

For something more intense, try “may God’s grace be upon you.”

Of course, this is quite a religious phrase. So, it’s not going to work well when embracing or blessing non-religious speakers.

However, when speaking to other religious people, this could work well.

It keeps things positive and sincere. Generally, it’s a great way to show how much you believe in someone and that you want them to take God with them wherever they go.

Also, here are some great examples to help you understand it:

May God’s grace be upon you, children. Each of you is destined for greatness. You need not look too far.

May God’s grace be upon you all. I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for with a bit of patience.

7. Blessings and Grace to You

We also recommend writing “blessings and grace to you” when wishing someone well.

It’s a holy and positive phrase that shows you’re trying to bless someone.

It allows you to express kindness and love to an individual who might need it. Generally, this keeps things very positive between you and someone else.

Try using it when contacting a friend who might need your blessing. It shows that they’ve been going through a lot, and they need you to reach out and help them feel good.

These examples will also help you to understand more about it:

Blessings and grace to you, my child. Please don’t hesitate to come back to me if you need more guidance.

Blessings and grace to you, Max. I’m certain you’ll find what you’re looking for with a bit of faith in your life.

8. May You Receive Heavenly Blessings

Another way to say “God bless you” is “may you receive heavenly blessings.”

This phrase works well when blessing someone honestly. It shows that you hope God is in their corner and want to try and provide his blessings.

Generally, this is a great way to show someone how much you care. It also reminds them that there’s someone watching over them, regardless of the things they’re going through.

You should also review these examples if you need more help:

May you receive heavenly blessings from the Lord himself. I’m certain you’ll succeed with a bit of faith.

May you receive heavenly blessings as you venture into this new world. It sounds like a very exciting opportunity.

9. May You Be Touched By His Blessings

Finally, we recommend using “may you be touched by His blessings” instead of “God bless you.”

It’s kind and caring, making it an excellent choice when someone needs blessings from you. It shows that someone is always in their corner.

Also, remember to capitalize “His” in this phrase. After all, it refers to “God,” which is why it needs to be used as a proper noun.

If you’re still unsure, check out these examples:

May you be touched by His blessings. I’m sure you will find what you’re looking for with a bit of love and patience.

May you be touched by His blessings. It’s not easy being in this land, but we’ll always be there to care for you.