9 Good Synonyms for “Easy to Work With” on a Resume

Do people find you easy to work with? Well, that’s the kind of trait you should include in a resume to really sell yourself to a new employer.

But are there better ways to say “easy to work with”? This article will explore that question and help you come up with some alternatives.

Is It Professional to Say “Easy to Work With” on a Resume?

It is not professional to say “easy to work with” on a resume. There are plenty of better formal alternatives that work well to try and sell your skills.

Also, being “easy to work with” is not a skill. You can say it in a resume, but it’s better to use an alternative that makes you sound more professional.

Generally, someone who is easy to work with helps their colleagues and completes team projects easily. It means that people enjoy working with you because you make things easy.


  • It’s a useful way to show you’re good on a team.
  • It’s quite common in cover letters to describe yourself for less formal roles.


  • It’s not professional.
  • There are plenty of synonyms that deliver a more formal tone.

Clearly, “easy to work with” isn’t the best phrase to use in this situation. So, you’re better off referring to some of the synonyms we have on offer.

Keep reading to learn how to say you’re easy to work with on a resume or CV. We’ll also provide you with some alternatives for each one.

What to Say Instead of “Easy to Work With” on a Resume

  • Flexible
  • Team player
  • Eager to please
  • Happy to help
  • Level-headed
  • Cooperative
  • Personable
  • Approachable
  • Agreeable

1. Flexible

To really sell yourself in an application, you can use “flexible.” It shows you’re easy to work with and make a good team player.

You should use it when you know colleagues can ask you for help, regardless of your schedule.

Usually, flexible employees can fill in gaps when necessary. It means they are able to take on new duties to help other departments complete tasks.

You may also review these examples:

I am flexible and able to work well on a team. I believe this ensures I stand out from the others.

Being flexible helps me to keep on top of tasks. People often turn to me when they need help completing new projects.

2. Team Player

“Team player” is another way to say “easy to work with” on your resume. You can use it when you work well with others, as it shows you’re easy to work with.

Generally, the easier you find it to fit on a team, the better you are to work with.

Employers often seek out people who have an easy time fitting in with others. So, you can include this phrase to show you have an easy-to-work-with personality.

Don’t forget to check out the following examples as well:

I would consider myself a team player. You can always rely on me to help the team project move at a good pace.

As a team player, it’s my duty to ensure the team works well together. I find people always rely on me for help.

3. Eager to Please

If you’re eager to please, it’s likely that you’re easy to work with. Being eager to please means you’re looking to impress those around you (both bosses and colleagues).

Therefore, we recommend using “eager to please” to describe someone who is easy to work with.

You can include it in a cover letter to let an employer know you’re happy to help wherever possible.

It’s great because it shows you’re willing to put the work in. It also implies you work well with others, which is a trait that most employers look for.

Here’s a great example if you’re still stuck

I’m eager to please, and I never let my colleagues down. This makes me much easier to work with than most.

I’m eager to please all the time. I’m always happy to share my experience and abilities with those around me.

4. Happy to Help

In customer-service jobs, you’ll often hear “happy to help” being thrown around. It’s great to use when emailing customers, and it’s equally as effective when selling yourself on a CV.

We recommend using it to convince an employer to hire you. It’s highly effective if you’re about to deal with customers at your job.

Generally, being “happy to help” also shows that you’re willing to help colleagues. It’s worth using as long as you’re always available to offer any assistance when people need it.

You can also review these examples:

I am happy to help when people need me. You can set any task for me, and I’ll find the best way to complete it with a group.

I’m always happy to help. I find this attribute helps me when doing team projects more than anything.

5. Level-Headed

Being level-headed helps you to keep a group project moving. It means you can act calmly under pressure, which is a perfect alternative to saying you are easy to work with.

It’s worth showing that you’re able to work well under pressure. After all, many jobs have highly demanding deadlines and high-pressure projects attached to them. The better you handle them, the better fit you’ll be for the company.

So, use this in your resume to impress the recruiter. They’ll be more likely to interview you if you can prove you are level-headed.

If you’re still unsure, refer to these examples:

Being level-headed in my role ensures that people can rely on me. I’m very easy to work with for that reason.

I’m level-headed and happy to listen to my coworkers. Naturally, I’m ready to take on any liaison duties required.

6. Cooperative

If you’re looking to use one word to replace “easy to work with,” try “cooperative.” It generally means you’re a great team player, as you’re always willing to cooperate with others.

Of course, this phrase works best when applying to a team-focused role. It shows you’re always willing to help out and provide ideas to your team when necessary.

Not everyone is good at working with a team. That’s why it’s best to highlight your cooperative abilities as a skill if you think it’s important.

Here are some resume examples to help you understand it

It helps that I’m so cooperative. I find team projects really simple because I can work so well with others.

I’m cooperative and willing to assist those around me. I can’t wait to demonstrate my skills to you.

7. Personable

“Personable” is a great adjective to include in your resume. It shows you’re approachable and willing to work together with others.

Therefore, we highly recommend it as a replacement for “easy to work with.”

The more personable you are, the more your colleagues will enjoy working with you. It’s also a great way to secure an interview quickly, as your boss will be impressed with your language choice.

You don’t have to overcomplicate things when finding synonyms for “easy to work with.” Sometimes, the one-word options are the best.

You can also review these CV samples:

My personable attitude helps people to feel more comfortable around me. That’s why I’m perfect for this role.

I’m personable and ready to meet new people. I’d very much like the chance to prove myself to you.

8. Approachable

Another great one-word synonym for “easy to work with” is “approachable.”

If you’re approachable, it means you’re available to help others and willing to talk to them. Both of these qualities make you easy to work with.

Generally, employers want to hire people who are willing to work on a team. They have no reason to hire lone wolves who prefer operating alone.

So, the better you gel with your team, the better you will look at work. That’s why saying you’re “approachable” is a good way to take your application to the next level.

Also, check out the following examples to see how it works:

Being approachable to my colleagues makes me easy to work with. I’m always happy to offer assistance when required.

I’m approachable and ready to take action. You will often find me helping my coworkers when they need me.

9. Agreeable

Finally, we want to go over “agreeable” as an alternative to “easy to work with.” This is an interesting one to include in a cover letter, but it’s still highly effective.

If you’re agreeable, it means you’re happy for people to present ideas. Also, it implies that you will usually agree with those ideas, even if you think they might be wrong.

That’s why “agreeable” is such a great choice in a resume. It shows you’re willing to listen to others and explore their ideas. This trait makes you a great team player and leader.

Here are a few resume examples to help you with it:

I think of myself as agreeable. I usually go along with whatever ideas someone might have that will improve team cohesion.

It helps to be agreeable in a team environment. So, I pride myself on my ability to work with others.