10 Good Synonyms for “Can-Do Attitude”

So, you want to tell people you have a “can-do attitude” or want to encourage others to have one.

Well, you might think the phrase itself is unprofessional or overly informal.

Luckily, we’re here to help you before using it.

So, this article will show you how to describe someone with a can-do attitude.

Is It Professional to Say “Can-Do Attitude”?

It is not professional to say “can-do attitude.”

Of course, you can use it in a resume. But it’s best to use it when applying for a more casual job role.

For instance:

I have a can-do attitude. I’m certain you’ll be impressed with my capacity.

But resumes aren’t the only place it works.

Feel free to use it when encouraging employees to apply themselves. It’s also a great way to describe current employees.

Here’s an email example showing you how it can work:

Dear Team,

I need you all to have a can-do attitude when working on this.

Please let me know as soon as you’ve made headway.

Best wishes,
Steven Smith


  • It’s fun and light-hearted.
  • It’s a great way to encourage someone to apply themselves.


  • It’s unprofessional.
  • It’s quite a common way to say you have a positive outlook in the workplace, which makes it repetitive and generic.

So, it’s clear that “can-do attitude” might not always be the most appropriate choice in your writing. But don’t worry! There’s plenty more where that came from.

Keep reading to learn what to say instead of “can-do attitude.” We’ve gathered some of the best synonyms to show you what’s available.

What to Say Instead of “Can-Do Attitude”

  • Positive outlook
  • Optimistic approach
  • Proactive mindset
  • Positive mentality
  • Determined
  • Resourceful
  • Spirit
  • Assertive approach
  • Motivated
  • Go-getter

1. Positive Outlook

There’s nothing wrong with having a can-do attitude and bringing it with you to the workplace.

However, it is wise to know what to say instead of “can-do attitude.” And that’s where “positive outlook” comes in.

This is a friendly and fun way to show that you have a great view of your work. It works well when selling yourself on a resume, as recruiters will see that you can apply yourself.

Feel free to review these resume samples to learn a bit more:

I have a very positive outlook on my work. It’s why I’m always the highest-performing employee at my firm.

My positive outlook helps me to stay one step ahead of my competitors. Feel free to review my portfolio to learn more.

2. Optimistic Approach

Sometimes, you might want to find employees with a can-do attitude at work. So, you’ll need to put up a job description looking for optimistic personnel.

For this, we recommend “optimistic approach.” It’s formal and direct. So, it leaves nothing up to the imagination.

Generally, it’s a good choice when filling out a job description. Then, people will be able to see what you’re looking for before applying.

Feel free to review these examples to learn a bit more about how it works:

We’re looking for someone with an optimistic approach to show us how they do business in a high-pressure environment.

As long as you have an optimistic approach, this is likely the role for you! Don’t hesitate to reach out to find out more.

3. Proactive Mindset

It’s good to show that someone has a “proactive mindset.” It’s a formal synonym for “can-do attitude” that lets someone know how impressed you are with them.

Generally, you can use this when appreciating employees. It works well when sending out personalized emails to let them know how impressed you are.

Employees will be overjoyed to receive something like this from you.

So, you can check out the following email sample to learn a bit more about it:

Dear Jane,

Your proactive mindset really sets you apart from the rest.

I’m certain this will be the start of a very fruitful working relationship.

George Marsh

4. Positive Mentality

Sometimes, you’ll be asked to refer to someone’s can-do attitude in a letter of recommendation.

For this, we recommend “positive mentality.” It’s short and sweet and lets new employes know that someone is worth hiring.

Generally, we recommend using this when you want to speak kindly of a former employee. It’s a fantastic way to let them know how proud of their workload you’ve been.

You should refer to this letter sample to learn more about it:

To Whom It May Concern,

You will be impressed with Darren’s positive mentality throughout his working career.

It will be a shame to see him go, but I know he’s making the necessary progress.

Thomas Hardy

5. Determined

Another synonym to use in your writing is “determined.” This is a much simpler choice as it’s only one word.

So, you can use it when expressing your ability in a resume. Generally, this is a great way to let an employer know that you’re the correct person for a job.

Many recruiters will be looking for words like this in a CV. After all, it’s a buzzword that lets people know you’re serious about the job you apply for.

Feel free to review the following resume samples for more help if you’re still unsure:

I’m very determined. That’s why I know I’m going to fit in well with the rest of the people here.

I’m determined and ready to make an imprint in this field. Please look through my portfolio to find out more about what I can do.

6. Resourceful

Another way to say “can-do attitude” is “resourceful.” This formal synonym helps you to explain what you’re looking for in a candidate.

Generally, you can use this when writing a job description.

Since it’s one word, it’s much easier for applicants to understand. If they have a resourceful nature, they’ll know to apply to your job because it speaks to them.

So, you can include this when trying to encourage a specific group of people to apply for your job. It’s clear and direct, which goes a long way in your writing.

Check out these job description samples to learn a bit more:

We want someone who’s resourceful to take on this job. If that’s you, then please apply within!

Are you resourceful? Perhaps you’re looking for a role that will challenge you. Well, this is the job for you!

7. Spirit

It’s good to have “spirit” in the workplace. Therefore, “spirit” is a good synonym for “can-do attitude.”

This time, we recommend using it when congratulating employees. It suggests that you’re proud of their work and are happy that they’re able to bring a positive spirit to the workplace.

Generally, this will boost employee morale. So, you really can’t go wrong with it.

Feel free to review this email sample to learn more about how to use it:

Dear Adam,

You have a lot of spirit, and I’m happy you’re on our team.

Please let me know if you need anything while completing this project.

All the best,
Michael Sonya

8. Assertive Approach

We also recommend explaining that you have an “assertive approach” in the workplace. This can work well in a CV, as it shows that you mean business.

Generally, a phrase like this will impress an employer.

It lets them know that you’re determined and take your role seriously. These are great qualities to take with you when you want someone to hire you because of your ability.

Feel free to review these resume samples to learn more:

I have an assertive approach that other candidates lack. I’m sure you’ll be impressed with what I can do.

My assertive approach allows me to put the most effort into my work. Check out my portfolio to learn more.

9. Motivated

It’s worth saying you’re looking for someone to be “motivated” when encouraging the right people to apply for a job.

So, you can include “motivated” in a job description. Generally, this is a useful way to sift through applicants to ensure that only people willing to put their minds to a job will apply.

For the most part, this word means someone is willing to get stuck in at work. It suggests that they’ll work hard, no matter what you might throw at them when you need their help.

Feel free to refer to these job description examples to learn more:

We are looking for someone who is motivated and ready for a challenge. This job isn’t going to be for everyone.

If you’re motivated and keen, this might be the role for you. Please send your CV to us, and we’ll do the rest.

10. Go-Getter

Finally, it’s worth using “go-getter” to show that you have a can-do attitude at work.

If you’re a go-getter, it means you get what you earn. This is a great way to show you’re ambitious and willing to push yourself.

Generally, a phrase like this will go a long way to impressing an employer. If they read this in your CV, it’ll let them know that you’re serious and want to succeed.

Feel free to review these CV samples to learn more if you still need help:

I’m a go-getter. There isn’t anything I won’t do to ensure I get the best out of the company I work for.

As a go-getter, I pride myself on my ability to work to tight deadlines. I also like to test myself, so I’m happy to take on any challenge.