9 Formal Synonyms for “Play an Important Role”

So, you want to know how to say someone played an important role in the workplace.

However, you’re a little worried the original phrase is informal or insincere.

Don’t worry! We’re here to help you with that.

This article will teach you other ways to say “play an important role” that will help to spice up your writing.

Is It Formal to Say “Play an Important Role”?

It is formal to say “play an important role.” It’s a great choice that shows someone is essential in the workplace or did something that nobody else can.

You can include it on a resume. It’s a great way to help sell yourself. For example:

I play an important role in my current job. It’s up to me to secure important clients.

It’s also good to use in an email to employees. You can praise them or ask them to step up, depending on what fits. For instance:

Dear Jon,

I would like you to play an important role in this case.

I’m sure you’ve got the skills to make this happen.

George Scarlett


  • It’s a professional way to let someone know what impact you’ve had.
  • It’s a direct way to show you’re important and willing to take on new challenges.


  • It’s quite repetitive and overused in resumes.
  • It’s generic, which can take away from the power of the phrase.

Well, it’s clear that “play an important role” works well formally. But that doesn’t mean you should stop there! There are plenty of other options available.

So, keep reading to learn another way to say “play an important role.” We’ve explored some of the best synonyms to help you.

What to Say Instead of “Play an Important Role”

  • Contribute significantly
  • Undertake a pivotal role
  • Essential
  • Play a major part
  • Assume a vital responsibility
  • Play a fundamental role
  • Crucial
  • Execute a key function
  • Occupy a central position

1. Contribute Significantly

Let’s start by saying you “contribute significantly” instead of “play an important role.”

This works well if you play a big role in the workplace. It’s confident and direct. So, you can use it when writing a resume that tries to sell your abilities.

Trust us when we say recruiters will be impressed. They’ll see that you’re a vital part of an organization and be more willing to consider you for the position they offer.

You can also review the following examples to learn more about how to use it:

I contribute significantly to the changes in my current workplace. My employer relies on me to help enact them.

It helps that I contribute significantly to a lot of these projects. I’m a team player and ready to put myself out there.

2. Undertake a Pivotal Role

Feel free to say you “undertake a pivotal role” as another way to say “play an important role.”

It’s a formal synonym that shows someone plays an important role in the workplace. For instance, you can use it when asking employees to step up and play a larger role.

It works well because it’s direct and clear. It lets employees know what you expect from them and that you’re looking for them to put more effort into their workload.

You should also check out this email sample to learn a bit more about it:

Dear Adrian,

I would like you to undertake a pivotal role in this team meeting.

I believe you have ideas that will revolutionize how we do things.

All the best,
Sarah Josephine

3. Essential

You can use “essential” as a one-word alternative to show that someone can play a big role. It can work well when praising employees who helped to do something for you.

Generally, this is short and sweet. It’s one word, so it gets your point across quickly and lets someone know that you’re happy for the part they played in a project.

It’s a great chance to boost morale more than anything else. Employees will be overjoyed to read something like this, as it shows that you care about their work ethic and what they achieve.

Feel free to review this email sample if you still need help:

Dear Danny,

Well done on being so essential to the completion of this project.

I knew I could count on you to help us get there before the deadline.

Julia Roberts

4. Play a Major Part

It’s always good to play a key role when you’re needed. Therefore, you can say you “play a major part” when it suits you.

It’s good to use this in a resume. It’s formal and to the point. So, it’s a good opportunity to let people know what they can expect from you.

The use of “major” here shows that you’re vital to the completion of something. Therefore, it’s a buzzword that impresses recruiters looking through resumes.

So, you can check out these CV samples to learn a bit more:

I know that I have played a major part in multiple client meetings. I’m sure most of my former clients will attest to how impactful I can be.

I play a major part in the daily operations of my workplace. That’s why I know I’ll be a good fit here.

5. Assume a Vital Responsibility

We also think it’s worth writing “assume a vital responsibility” as a formal synonym for “play an important role.”

This phrase works well when writing a resume. It shows that you’ve managed to be instrumental in the way things work in the past and want to take it with you to a new workplace.

Generally, this phrase is confident and formal. Therefore, it’s a great choice to try and impress new recruiters when you want to show what you’re made of.

Feel free to review these resume samples to learn a little more about it:

I assumed a vital responsibility in my former workplace. It was my duty to ensure new clients knew what they were getting from us.

I am good at assuming a vital responsibility when asked of me. Therefore, I know I’ll be a good fit here.

6. Play a Fundamental Role

You can also say you “play a fundamental role” in your writing. Generally, this works best when praising an employee.

It shows that you’re truly grateful they were able to be so instrumental in a project or task.

Generally, when you play a significant role in something, you want to be credited for it. Therefore, this is a great chance to boost employee morale and let them know you’re watching.

Feel free to review this sample email if you’d like to learn a bit more about it:

Dear Adam,

You have played a fundamental role in the creation of this project.

I’m so proud of the work you put in to achieve this and would like to congratulate you.

All the best,
Sophie Bier

7. Crucial

Going back to a good one-word synonym, you can use “crucial.” When someone is “crucial,” it means they were necessary and helpful.

So, it’s a good way to show how much of an impact you have. It works best when filling out a CV.

For the most part, it’s good to encourage a recruiter to hire you. After all, it shows that you’re really important to a business, and an employer will be able to use you to their advantage.

You’ll have a lot of success keeping it simple with a word like this.

You can also review these CV samples to learn more about it:

I was crucial in the development of this new idea. Therefore, I’m happy to bring more information with me when I join your team.

I’m crucial in delivering the goods at my workplace. It will be tough for me to give up my position.

8. Execute a Key Function

Feel free to use “execute a key function” to let someone know you want them to “play an important role.”

Try using it when encouraging an employee to work hard. It shows that you’d like them to put in more effort and try to do their best to impress you or your team.

Generally, the phrase stays professional and sincere. So, it’s an effective way to show someone that you’re paying attention to their performance and want them to succeed.

You can also review this sample email to learn more about how it works:

Dear Jessica,

I would appreciate it if you could execute a key function with this project.

I’m sure you have what it takes to make this work.

George Walker

9. Occupy a Central Position

Finally, we want to go over “occupy a central position.”

Sure, this might not be the most common phrase, but it’s an effective synonym nonetheless.

You can use this in academic writing. It’s a good option that lets people know something has had a positive and instrumental impact on another situation.

For instance, it’s a good choice when writing about how one issue can lead to another.

Feel free to review these examples before you go to learn a bit more:

This situation will occupy a central position when it comes to learning more. I’m certain we should look more into it.

It’s going to occupy a central position for a while. Therefore, I don’t believe it’s smart to overlook what comes next.