9 Formal Synonyms for “Join Us”

Are you trying to find the best way to invite people to join you for something?

Perhaps you’re worried that “join us” isn’t the most formal phrase to use in your writing.

Well, you’re in luck!

This article will teach you how to say “join us” formally to help you mix things up.

Is It Formal to Say “Join Us”?

It is formal to say “join us.” Generally, you can use it when writing an invitation and encouraging people to join you, your partner, or your company for an event.

For instance, it works quite well when inviting people to the following:

  • Wedding
  • Baby shower
  • Work event

As long as there are two or more people hosting the event, “join us” works well. If only one person hosts the event, it’s better to say “join me.”

Feel free to check out this invitation example to learn a bit more about it:

Dear Guests,

We really hope that you join us on this momentous occasion.

It wouldn’t be the same without you all there with us.

Best regards,
Dan and Abbie


  • It’s formal and welcoming.
  • It’s a great way to entice people to join you for an event or party.


  • It’s a bit repetitive.
  • It can sound overly friendly if you’re not careful.

So, it’s good to use “join us” in an invitation. But that doesn’t mean it’s the only phrase that works well. Now, it’s time to explore other alternatives to see what works.

Keep reading to learn what to say instead of “join us.” We’ve gathered a list of some of the best synonyms to show you what else is available.

What to Say Instead of “Join Us”

  • Participate with us
  • Be our guest
  • Grace us with your presence
  • Honor us with your company
  • Attend with us
  • Accept our invitation
  • Extend your presence
  • Join our gathering
  • Partake in our event

1. Participate With Us

Another way to say “join us” is “participate with us.” It’s an exciting way to mix things up in your invitations to show that you’re happy for people to come along and celebrate with you.

Generally, you can use this when contacting clients. If you’re about to host a business event, something like this will go a long way.

For the most part, it keeps things professional. That’s why it tends to work best when you have a good working relationship with someone.

Also, “us” here refers to you and your company. The implication is that you’re happily representing your company and asking whether clients will be happy to celebrate alongside you.

Feel free to review this invitation sample to learn a bit more about it:

Dear Ms. Marker,

We would be happy for you to participate with us on this occasion.

We’re looking forward to celebrating all there is regarding our recent successes.

Steven Tyler

2. Be Our Guest

Next, you can spice things up with something more friendly. That’s where “be our guest” comes in.

It’s a great way to let people know you’re excited for them to attend an event you’re hosting.

For instance, you can use it when inviting family to your wedding. It shows that you’d appreciate it if they could come along and “be your guest” for the day.

Again, using “our” shows that you’re talking on behalf of you and your partner. It’s conversational and fun, making it great to include in an invitation letter.

Feel free to review this example to learn a bit more about how it works:

Dear Richard and Diana,

We would like you to be our guest for our big day.

It wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t get to celebrate with you.

Best wishes,
Sammy Peacock

3. Grace Us With Your Presence

For a fancy way to say “join us,” you can write “grace us with your presence.”

This is a fun way to sound friendly and sincere when you’re happy to invite someone to an event.

It works best when inviting employees to a dinner party. For instance, you might use this as their employer if you’re looking to invite people to your home.

You and your partner might be happy to host the event. This phrase is a great way to show employees that they’re welcome and that you hope they can attend.

Here’s a helpful invitation sample to show you more about it if you’re still confused:

Dear Friends and Employees,

We would appreciate it if you could grace us with your presence on Friday at 5 pm.

We’re hosting a dinner party, and we can’t wait to see all of you there.

Best regards,
Sam and Jennifer

4. Honor Us With Your Company

It’s also good to use “honor us with your company” in your invitations. It’s another word for “join us” that shows you’re trying to be professional and sincere.

For the most part, this works best when inviting business partners to an event.

It shows that you value and respect their time. So, you can use a phrase like this to remind them that they’re important to you or your company.

Also, using “honor us” shows that you think it would be great to have them there. But it also shows that you’d understand if they are too busy and can’t attend.

If you’re still confused, you can review this example to learn more:

Dear Ms. Alexander,

We would appreciate it if you could honor us with your company at this event.

We certainly feel like you’d get a lot out of it, and we hope you’ll be happy to attend.

Best wishes,
Samantha Shaw

5. Attend With Us

The next synonym we want to run through is “attend with us.”

This is a great option to include in an invitation when you’d like to invite people you care about to something.

For instance, you can use this to invite coworkers to a wedding or external party (away from work).

If you and your partner are hosting the event, this is a fantastic way to show them that you’d like them to be there.

Also, feel free to review this invitation sample to learn a bit more about it:

Dear Penelope,

We would love it if you could attend with us.

Our big day is fast approaching, and we hope to see our friends there.

Thank you so much,
Judy and Truman

6. Accept Our Invitation

Next, try using “accept our invitation” as a synonym for “join us.” This one is confident and clear, so it shows that you’d like someone to accept what you’re offering them.

For the most part, this will show the recipient how happy you are for them to come along.

So, you can write it when contacting a loved one. It shows you’re hoping they’ll accept your invitation to an important event in your life (like a wedding or birthday party).

Here’s a helpful example to show you more if you’re still stuck:

Dear Loved Ones,

We certainly hope you accept our invitation to come along to celebrate our joint birthday party!

It wouldn’t be the same without you there with us.

Lots of love,
Sam and Alex Brighton

7. Extend Your Presence

Try using “extend your presence” to mix things up a bit more in your writing.

This synonym works really well to show someone that you’d like them to come along.

However, it’s a bit more professional than some of the other choices. Therefore, you should use it when you aren’t familiar with the recipient.

For instance, it can work well when inviting new clients to a business meeting or event.

If you’re still stumped, you can review this example to learn more:

Dear Ms. Bryer,

Please extend your presence and come along to the meeting.

We’d certainly like it if you could be there to learn more about what we can do.

All the best,
The Dark Author Co.

8. Join Our Gathering

Next, we recommend using “join our gathering.”

This synonym can work quite well in a formal email. Generally, you can use this when writing to coworkers to let them know you’re having a gathering (or a meeting) to discuss something.

It’s also an excellent chance to try and get all your coworkers in one place. From there, you can bounce ideas off each other to see what people think about different things coming up in the workplace.

Check out this email sample if you’d still like to learn a bit more about it:

Dear All,

We’d like it if you could join our gathering on June 1st.

It’s going to be a big event, and all of us should attend to see what’s going to change over the next few months.

Darren and Adam

9. Partake in Our Event

Finally, try writing a letter to a customer with “partake in our event.”

Letters are often more personal and professional when dealing with customers. So, they’ll appreciate the extra effort you went through to send something like this.

We highly recommend using it to improve working relationships with customers.

Also, you can review this letter sample to learn a bit more:

Dear Customer,

We certainly hope you’ll be willing to partake in our event soon.

It’s going to be a big one, and we’d like you all to be there.

Thanks so much,
Madison Champ