Tuesdays or Tuesday’s?

The term Tuesday’s is the singular possessive form of Tuesday. E.g., “Tuesday’s meeting has been moved to Wednesday.” Furthermore, Tuesdays is the standard plural form. E.g., “On Tuesdays, I go to yoga class.” Also, Tuesdays’ is the plural possessive form of Tuesday.

The following chart shows the four different versions of the word Tuesday.

Singular possessiveTuesday’s
Plural possessiveTuesdays’

As you can see, you form the singular possessive by adding the apostrophe between the “y” and the “s.” While for the plural possessive, the apostrophe appears at the end of the word.

Further, although the plural possessive is correct grammar, it is not common to use plural possessives with days of the week.

The following examples show each of the four terms in context.

  • Singular: I meet my parents for a coffee every Tuesday.
  • Plural: On Tuesdays, I attend the local book club.
  • Singular possessive: We moved Tuesday’s lunch to Monday.
  • Plural possessive: Tuesdays’ schedules look demanding for the whole month.

You have read the basics concerning how to use the possessive forms of Tuesday. Now, please keep reading so you can learn more about each term and how to avoid making mistakes with them in your writing.


The term Tuesday’s is the singular possessive form of Tuesday. Therefore, you can use it to indicate that something belongs to a Tuesday, usually an event.

  • The airline canceled Tuesday’s flight to Hawaii because of volcanic ash.

You can also use the possessive form to refer to different events at specific times of the day.

  • Tuesday’s sunset over the mountains was beautiful.


The term Tuesdays is the standard plural form of Tuesday. That means you can use it to refer to multiple Tuesdays in non-possessive sentences.

Furthermore, when using days of the week in their plural form, it is common to put the word on before the day to state what happens every Tuesday.

  • I always go for a coffee after work on Tuesdays.

It is possible to use other words before plural forms of days; however, it is not as common as using on.

  • I will let you know later exactly which Tuesdays I can work this month.
  • I will be away for the second and fourth Tuesdays of next month.


Tuesdays’ is the plural possessive version of the word Tuesday. Therefore, you use it when you want to state that something belongs to multiple Tuesdays.

  • Tuesdays’ meetings next month have been canceled because the director is in hospital.

However, using the plural possessive for days of the week is not that common. Instead, it is more common that people use the singular or plural versions of Tuesday rather than the possessive.

  • All meetings that take place on a Tuesday have been canceled.
  • All meetings that take place on Tuesdays have been canceled.