9 Synonyms for “I Am” in a Resume

So, you’re worried about repeating “I am” when describing yourself on a resume.

Don’t worry; it’s a common fear to have. After all, how else are you meant to talk about yourself?

Luckily, you have options.

This article will run you through the best formal synonyms, showing you what to say instead of “I am” to help you keep your CV interesting.

Is It Formal to Say “I Am”?

It is formal to say “I am.” It’s a very traditional and simple way to start a sentence, regardless of the written context.

Therefore, you are able to use “I am” whether you’re writing formally or informally.

For instance, it’s a great choice when writing a resume. But it’s quite repetitive. You need to account for this before using it.

It’s a good phrase to highlight what you’re capable of. However, we recommend only using it once. Any more than one feature of “I am” in a resume can lead to repetitive and boring writing.

Check out these samples to learn how to use “I am” in a sentence:

I am confident in my ability to work for a company like this. I’ve got a lot of experience and practice in this field.

I am convinced that my methods are the most efficient way to move through these issues.


  • It’s a good way to describe yourself.
  • It’s formal.


  • It’s generic.
  • It’s easy to fall into a repetitive trap by using the phrase over and over.

So, while “I am” is effective, you should definitely have alternatives ready to go. Otherwise, you might end up repeating the phrase too much.

Keep reading to learn words to replace “I am” in a resume. We’ve provided you with some great options to keep you’re writing as interesting and unique as possible.

What to Say Instead of “I Am”

  • I possess
  • I demonstrate
  • My
  • I exhibit
  • I showcase
  • From experience
  • I illustrate
  • I highlight
  • I know that

1. I Possess

You can use “I possess” as another synonym for “I am.” This is a great way to keep things interesting when you’re talking about what you can do in the workplace.

Generally, this is a unique and exciting way to talk about what you can do.

It allows you to discuss your abilities and enthusiasm about a position or role within a company.

It’s bound to encourage an employer to look into you as a hireable option. So, we certainly recommend it to show them what you’re made of.

You can also refer to these resume examples to learn more about it:

I possess skills that will help me to prove that I’m good at roles such as this one. Therefore, it would be worth considering my application.

I possess a passion that will set me apart from other candidates. I’m excited to show you what I’m capable of.

2. I Demonstrate

Another way to say “I am” is “I demonstrate.” This one works well because it shows what you’ll deliver in the workplace.

Being able to “demonstrate” something means you’re able to provide factual evidence of it. It shows that your actions will help to carry you in the workplace and show an employer you mean business.

It’s formal and engaging. Therefore, it’s a great way to entice the reader and let them know you’re serious about the job role.

Perhaps these examples will also help you to understand how it works:

I demonstrate a keen understanding of projects in this field. Don’t just take my word for it. Please refer to my CV.

I demonstrate a lot of positive interest in this sector. Therefore, I would like to be considered for this role.

3. My

We recommend using “my” as another word for “I am.”

This one works well because it changes the pronoun form. Instead of “I,” it uses the personal pronoun “my” to show ownership of your skills.

Basically, look at these examples:

  • I am confident
  • My confidence

Using “my” shows you own something. It’s a great way to show that your confidence in yourself is second to none, proving that you’re a worthy hire for a company.

Feel free to review these samples to learn how to use it:

My confidence in my ability will help me to thrive in this field. I’m certain that I can show you what I mean.

My passion is second to none. The quality of my work is remarkable, and I’m sure you’ll be very impressed.

4. I Exhibit

Feel free to give “I exhibit” a try in your resume. It’s a good alternative because it shows what you possess and how you can use it in the workplace.

For instance, you can use this when exploring your interests. It’s a decent choice that demonstrates your experiences and the things you plan on bringing with you if hired.

Most of the time, it’s a great way to entice an employer to look into you.

We also recommend reviewing these CV samples to show you more about how it works:

I exhibit a genuine interest in this field. That’s why I’m convinced that I can provide a service unlike anyone else.

I exhibit positive interest here because I am good at what I do. I’ve worked in this sector for multiple years.

5. I Showcase

We recommend trying “I showcase” instead of “I am” as well.

It’s a fun and interesting alternative that shows how you operate in the workplace.

Generally, it’s a good choice if you’re looking to impress a recruiter. After all, it’ll show them that you mean business and can’t wait to explore your options when you start a new job.

Here are some great examples to help you with it:

I showcase an interest in this field that others simply don’t possess. That’s why I know I’m such a good fit for the role.

Of course, I showcase a passion unlike anything else you’ve seen. I hope you realize that I’m worth it from my portfolio.

6. From Experience

For something a little more specific, you can use “from experience.”

Now, this is a great way to help your resume stand out from the crowd.

For starters, it avoids you ever needing to start a sentence with “I am.” Instead, you can talk about what you’ve learned before in the workplace.

“Experience” is a great thing to carry with you in life. The more willing you are to talk about it, the better off you’ll be when looking for jobs or applying to new positions.

Also, why not review the following samples to show you how it works:

From experience, I’m convinced that this is a great fit for me. It’s the best position for me to prove what I can do.

From experience, I am confident that I can provide high-quality work. I know how to improve things like this.

7. I Illustrate

It’s always good to illustrate what you’re capable of. That way, you’ll find a great way to talk about your ability and what you can bring to the workplace.

So, “I illustrate” works well to impress a recruiter. It lets them know that you’re able to showcase what you can do, and you usually do it better than others.

Above all else, it’s formal and unique. So, it’s a great choice to show that you plan on impressing recruiters and employers if they’re interested in taking your application further.

Here are some cover letter samples to show you how to use it:

I illustrate a keen understanding of the things that occur in this field. Therefore, I know I’ll be a great fit for the role.

I illustrate confidence and passion in the medical field. It’s something I’ve always wanted to pursue.

8. I Highlight

Another great synonym to include in a resume or cover letter is “I highlight.” This one helps you to express what you like to show off about yourself.

Usually, you will “highlight” your best bits. Therefore, it’s a great way to let an employer know what positives you’ll bring to the workplace.

You should also refer to these examples to learn more:

I highlight a lot of ambition and passion for projects in this field. I am passionate about it because I know I’m good at it.

Generally, I highlight the fundamental skills needed for a role like this. I hope that comes across in my application.

9. I Know That

Finally, we recommend using “I know that” instead of “I am.” It’s a great synonym that allows you to sound confident in your ability.

“Knowing” what you can do or what you can bring to the table is a great way to show that you have learned a lot about yourself.

Generally, the best employees are the ones who don’t sugarcoat anything. They know what they can bring, and they know their worth. That’s why this phrase can work so well.

Here are some great CV samples to show you how it works:

I know that my ability and confidence will help me to stand out here. I’m certain that I can give you what you’re looking for in this role.

I know that I’m interested in this role because it lines up with my values. Therefore, I would like to be considered for it.