10 Professional Synonyms for “Team Player” on a Resume

It’s good to be a team player, and it’s even better to highlight that in a resume. But is “team player” really the most professional phrase to use?

Luckily, this article has all the answers to that question. We’ll provide you with great alternatives to “team player” to mix things up in your application.

Is It Professional to Say “Team Player” on a Resume?

It is professional to say “team player” on a resume. You should say it in your CV because it lets a potential employer know that you’re willing to work on a team. Generally, this is a positive trait to bring to any working environment.

Being a team player is a soft skill. It allows someone to interact well with everyone around them, causing that person to be a more effective employee.

Here’s an example to show you how it works:

• Great team player
• Hard worker
• Excellent communication skills


  • It’s a great trait to include in a resume.
  • It shows you’re willing to be a part of the team.


  • It’s not very inspiring, as it’s overused.
  • It covers a large range of skills that you could be more specific about.

Being a “team player” is fantastic, and it’s certainly one of the best words to include on your resume. However, there are still some alternatives worth exploring.

Keep reading to find another way to say “team player” on your resume. We’ve provided a great list of synonyms with examples for each to help you.

What to Say Instead of “Team Player” on a Resume

  • Collaborative
  • Adaptable
  • Considerate
  • Contributor
  • Mediator
  • Team-minded
  • Team-oriented
  • Respectful
  • People person
  • Open-minded

1. Collaborative

To spice up your resume, it may be worth writing “collaborative” instead of “team player.” It’s a great word to include when trying to impress an employer.

It shows you’re willing to work as a team. Also, “collaborative” implies that you’re happy to suggest ideas to a team and work on ones that others suggest.

However you look at it, being collaborative is an incredibly valuable skill to take with you to a new role. So, we highly recommend including it when trying to sell yourself.

Perhaps these examples will also help you with it:

I’m collaborative and able to work well on a team.

My collaborative nature makes me an excellent hire.

2. Adaptable

Another word for “team player” is “adaptable.” This one-word synonym is a great alternative that shows you can work alongside others. It also means you can change your ideas based on outside input.

You may want to include this in your resume to show that you’re willing to work on a team. Generally, a word like this is a good way to encourage an employer to take you on for a new role.

You can refer to these resume examples as well:

It helps to be adaptable in the workplace, which is what I pride myself on.

I’m very adaptable and able to work as part of any team without issue.

3. Considerate

If you’re looking for a friendly synonym to replace “team player,” try “considerate.” It’s a great word to include to show that you work well on a team and consider your colleague’s ideas.

Generally, considerate people are hard to come by in the workplace. Most people are only ever in the jobs they do for themselves.

So, proving that you’re considerate in your CV is a great way to ensure you stand out. Many employers will be impressed to find this in your cover letter.

Here are some great cover letter examples to help you:

My considerate nature allows me to be a good team player. I’m always one of the main voices of reason on a team.

I’m very considerate of my team, and I will always listen to what they have to say before making any decisions.

4. Contributor

“Contributor” is a formal synonym for “team player.” You can use it to show that you contribute to team projects. It shows you’re quite a reliable and dependable person, which is always great to have on a team.

Generally, a word like this is a great way to encourage an employer to give you an interview. You should easily move through the interview stages if you can use something like this in your CVs.

Perhaps these examples will help you understand it better:

I believe that I’m a good contributor. That’s why I’m so suitable for a role such as this one.

I’m a contributor, and I’m happy to work as part of any team.

5. Mediator

While it may not always be as effective, “mediator” is a good alternative to “team player.” It shows that people depend on you to help fix their problems.

For instance, you may be a part of a team project. Maybe two of the members of the team have conflicting ideas about which direction to go.

As a mediator, you will have the ability to get everyone to work together, even if it seems unlikely at first. It’s a great talent to bring with you to the workplace.

Check out the following resume samples:

I’m a mediator by nature, so I’m willing to help teams work out their differences.

As a mediator, it’s always been my duty to look after everyone on the team and make sure they get along.

6. Team-Minded

If you’re looking for a hyphenated alternative, try “team-minded.” It shows that you focus during team projects. So, you’re more likely to come up with excellent ideas to help the team progress.

We highly recommend this one in a resume. It shows you’re willing to work as part of a team. Of course, jobs frequently rely on teamwork and cohesion, so having these traits is a great way to secure a new role.

Here are a few examples to help you understand it:

I’m a team-minded individual. You won’t find anyone better than me at managing a team environment.

I believe it’s good to be team-minded in jobs like this one.

7. Team-Oriented

You can also write “team-oriented” instead of “team player” if you feel like including something different. It shows that you thrive as part of a team, which is hard to come by in work settings.

Generally, people who work well on teams only do so because they’re told they have to.

If you say that you’re “team-oriented,” it implies that you are more than happy to join a team. It also shows that you do better work as part of a team than on your own. Both of these qualities can help when applying for a team-based role.

You can also review the following examples:

I like that I’m team-oriented. I’d say it’s one of my best traits in the workplace.

I’m very team-oriented, so I’ll always do what I can to ensure the team works well.

8. Respectful

It’s worth using “respectful” to show that you work well on a team. It’s good to include because it shows you respect your colleagues and will listen to their feedback.

The more respectful you are on a team, the easier the team will get along. That’s why it’s great to include it on your CV.

It shows an employer that you’re not looking to cause problems on your team. Instead, it makes you much more desirable in their eyes.

Check out these examples as well:

My respectful nature helps me to fit into any team. You can always count on me to keep things running smoothly.

I’m very respectful of every team member in the workplace.

9. People Person

In terms of words to describe a team player, you can’t get much better than “people person.” It’s one of the best phrases to use to show that you work well with others.

Of course, it’s not the most formal option available. There are slightly better ones that give off a more professional tone.

Still, “people person” works well in a resume for a more casual business setting. We highly recommend it if the tone is appropriate.

Here are some resume examples to help you figure it out:

I’m naturally a people person, so I have an easy time mixing in with new colleagues.

I’m great in a team because I’m a people person. You can count on me to make things interesting.

10. Open-Minded

“Open-minded” is a great alternative to “team player” in a resume. It’s another synonym that shows you are willing to accept others’ ideas when necessary.

We highly recommend using it when trying to encourage a potential employer to give you a chance. It shows you’re willing to try new things and put yourself out there.

It’s a very hireable quality. And it’s quite a versatile one, too.

Also, these examples should help you with it:

It helps to be open-minded when you’re on someone’s team.

I like to think of myself as open-minded regarding team activities.