Guy’s or Guys’ or Guys?

The term guy’s is the singular possessive form of guy. E.g., “That guy’s jacket is nice.” Furthermore, guys’ is the plural possessive version. E.g., “Both guys’ girlfriends were mad at them for arriving late.” Also, guys is the standard plural version. E.g., “I am meeting the guys later for football practice.”

This table provides an overview of the different forms of the word guy.

Singular possessiveGuy’s
Plural possessiveGuys’

The following examples show how you can use the different forms in a sentence

  • Singular: There is a guy waiting in the reception for you.
  • Plural: Five guys and six women are coming to the dinner party.
  • Singular possessive: I like that guy’s hairstyle.
  • Plural possessive: All the guys’ wives told them to be back by midnight.

Keep reading to learn more about using the plural and possessive versions of the term guy.


The term guy’s is the singular possessive version of the word guy, meaning man. That means you use it to refer to something that one man owns or possesses.

  • That guy’s car is the nicest I have ever seen.
  • That guy’s face looks like he has seen a ghost.

Furthermore, even though the plural version of guy and the plural possessive commonly refer to both men and women, the singular possessive usually only relates to men.


The term guys’ is the plural possessive form of the word guy. That means you use it to indicate ownership or possession of something by more than one person.

  • Tonight is guys’ night so we are all going out together.

Furthermore, people commonly use the term guys’ to refer to both men and women simultaneously. For instance, when addressing a group in a class or meeting, it is common to say guys.

Therefore, you can use the plural possessive to refer to something possessed by a group of people that includes females.

  • I was impressed with all the guys’ work in my class.


The term guys is the plural form of the word guy. Consequently, you can use it to refer to multiple men, as long as the structure is not possessive.

  • I am going out for a meal with the guys tomorrow.
  • You guys are the best. I do not know what I would do without you.

Additionally, you can also use guys to refer to a group of people that includes men and women.

When addressing a group, the complete phrase is usually “guys and girls.” However, people often omit the word girls and just say guys to refer to all the people.

  • Good morning, guys. Please turn to page 10.