9 Formal Synonyms for “Hard-Working” on a Resume

Are you trying to demonstrate that you’re hard-working in your resume? Perhaps you want to impress a potential employer and let them know that you’re worth hiring.

However, are there better formal synonyms to use? Maybe “hard-working” isn’t the only suitable phrase, but how would you know?

Luckily, this article has provided a list of synonyms to help you.

Is “Hard-Working” a Good Resume Word?

“Hard-working” is a good resume word. It works well because it shows that you put time and effort into the work you do.

It’s a suitable, formal word. So, you should try to include it wherever possible. But remember, don’t go overboard with it.

Also, you should say it at some point in your CV. Though, if you’re going to say it, you should explain why you think you’re hard-working. After all, most applicants will assume they’re the most hard-working individual.

Being “hard-working” isn’t a skill in itself. Instead, it’s a character trait. Sure, it’s a positive one, but you should avoid including it under the “skills” section.

This example will help you understand more about it:

I am very hard-working, and I’m willing to put a lot of time and effort into getting this right.


  • It’s an easy way to sell yourself.
  • It shows that you put time and effort into your work.


  • It’s very generic.
  • Everyone says it, so it makes nobody seem “hard-working.”

While “hard-working” is certainly a great choice in a formal resume, it’s not the only one.

Keep reading to find another way to say “hard-working” on your resume. We’ve provided a great list and some examples for each alternative mentioned.

What to Say Instead of “Hard-Working” on a Resume

  • Diligent
  • Motivated
  • Effective
  • Disciplined
  • Efficient
  • Productive
  • Committed
  • Industrious
  • Persevering

1. Diligent

One of the most effective words to use instead of “hard-working” on a resume is “diligent.” We highly recommend it because a diligent worker is a desirable one.

Using “diligent” on a resume will give a recruiter faith in you. It shows that you’re hard-working and able to handle new jobs without much difficulty or debate.

In terms of setting yourself apart from other applicants, it doesn’t get much better than saying you are diligent.

You can also refer to these resume examples:

I’m a diligent employee. So, you won’t regret hiring me for this role.

It pays to be diligent, and I’ve always taken pride in how well I fit into new roles.

2. Motivated

“Motivated” is another synonym for “hard-working.” It’s a great way to show that you’re a reliable employee and will do what you can to prove yourself on the job.

We highly recommend using this term if you’re trying to show you’re hard-working without using the hyphenated form. It’s a brilliant way to convince an employer that you put the effort in.

You can’t go wrong with it, and we highly recommend using it. Make the most of it in your resume, and you’ll see the interview offers fly in.

If you’re looking to spice up your cover letter, review these examples:

I’m very motivated and willing to take on new challenges. You will always find me being proactive at work.

As a motivated individual, I find it really easy to find new ways to entertain myself at work.

3. Effective

Another word for “hard-working” is “effective.” It works well if you’re trying to show that you’re reliable and efficient.

Most of the time, a word like this is enough to convince someone to recruit you. It’s a great way to capture your best quality without going over the top.

“Effective” in itself is a simple word. You do not need to use a thesaurus or look up long-winded terms to try and demonstrate that you’re a hard-working employee.

Here are a few examples to help you:

I’m very effective at what I do. Therefore, I believe that I’ll be a great hire for your company.

I’m effective and ready to take on a new role. This is the perfect opportunity for me.

4. Disciplined

“Disciplined” demonstrates how to say “hard-working” in a resume. Being disciplined usually implies that you won’t get into trouble and will happily complete your tasks at work.

Both of these traits are excellent to bring with you to the workplace. It’s a good way to encourage an employer to hire you.

After all, discipline is hard to teach adults. It’s something you usually learn in school or from your parents.

So, if you can prove that you’re already a disciplined individual, you have one less thing to worry about.

Perhaps these resume examples will also help you:

Everyone I’ve worked with will tell you I’m disciplined. It’s one of my greatest strengths.

I’m very disciplined in the workplace. I will never let myself become distracted by outside stimuli.

5. Efficient

Being efficient means that you can complete work quickly and to a high standard. It’s synonymous with “hard-working” in resumes because it shows that you’re willing to put the effort in to get the best results.

We recommend using it if you’re a fast yet effective worker.

Some people work quickly but do not get the desired results. They might miss a few things out of a project or cut corners. These people are not efficient.

If, on the other hand, you work just as quickly but ensure you tick all the boxes, then efficiency is a great way to describe you. Include it in your resume if you think it applies, and you’ll see plenty of interview offers.

Don’t forget to refer to these examples as well:

I’m very efficient. I will ensure that I get all the work that is required of me done in good time.

Being efficient helps me to remain focused on the task at hand.

6. Productive

Every employer seeks productive employees. That’s why we recommend using “productive” wherever possible on your resume.

It’s a great way to show that you will finish all your work. It also usually implies that you will make extra work for yourself when you’ve run out of your usual daily tasks.

Most employers will be thrilled to learn about this character trait. So, we encourage you to try it out when you next write your resume.

Why not review the following examples to help you understand it:

I’m proud of how productive I am. I hope that you’ll consider me for this position.

Being productive helps me to understand more about the workplace. I also believe it allows me to climb the ladder when necessary.

7. Committed

If you’re committed to your job, it means you will put the effort in and get results. Therefore, we recommend including “committed” on a resume to let an employer know your capabilities.

It’s a great way to encourage someone to hire you. After all, it’s hard to find truly committed employees in many fields.

You may also ask for a reference to back up your claim here. If you can get a reference to say that you’re committed, you’ll almost guarantee an interview for a new role.

Here are a few examples to help you with your application:

I’m committed to learning new things and pushing myself to meet my targets.

I’ve always been the most committed employer in the room. That won’t change with this new role.

8. Industrious

While it’s not the most common word seen in resumes, “industrious” is a great option to mix things up. We recommend using it instead of “hard-working” to keep things interesting for the reader.

You can’t go wrong with a fancy word like “industrious.” It shows you’re hard-working and motivated, which are both great qualities to bring with you to a new role.

These examples will also help you:

I like to think of myself as industrious. It’s hard to find someone as capable as I am.

I’m very industrious and will always go above and beyond to reach my targets.

9. Persevering

Finally, you may also include “persevering” in a CV. It’s a good formal synonym for “hard-working” that shows you keep working when things get tough.

For instance, let’s imagine that your boss has set you a task. Perhaps you find it harder than you expected, but your boss has now come back to you to give you even more work to do.

Well, persevering individuals will take new challenges in their stride. So, the extra work will be added to the pile. Diligent employees will do what they can to complete everything to the best of their ability.

Check out the following examples as well:

I’m a persevering individual who’s looking for a new challenge. That’s why I’ve applied for this role.

I’m quite persevering and willing to put the time in to prove that.