One Third or One-Third?

The hyphenated word one-third is the correct way to express a third of something. E.g., “He spent one-third of his salary on clothes.” Furthermore, the … Read more

Check In or Check-In?

The hyphenated word check-in can be a noun or adjective. E.g., “We asked at the check-in desk for a refund.” Furthermore, check in as two … Read more

People’s or Peoples’?

People’s is the plural possessive of the word person. E.g., “People’s lives are more difficult due to austerity.” Furthermore, the term peoples’ can be correct … Read more

One’s or Ones?

The term one’s is the singular possessive form of the word one, meaning I or you. E.g., “One must examine one’s actions before criticizing others.” … Read more

Month’s or Months’ or Months?

The word month’s is the singular possessive form of month. E.g., “Last month’s results were disappointing.” Furthermore, months’ is the plural possessive form. E.g., “I … Read more

Mars’ or Mars’s?

Mars’ and Mars’s are both acceptable possessive forms of Mars. Furthermore, the AP Stylebook requires that you use Mars’. E.g., “Mars’ craters have been thoroughly … Read more

Sheeps’ or Sheep’s?

The term sheep’s is the singular possessive form of sheep. E.g., “The sheep’s wool needed trimming.” Furthermore, the word sheeps’ is incorrect because the plural … Read more

Class’ or Class’s?

The standard singular possessive form of class is class’s. E.g., “The class’s trip was a success.” However, the possessive form class’ is also commonly found … Read more