9 Professional Ways to Say Someone Is a Hard Worker

Are you trying to figure out how to say someone is a hard worker?

Perhaps you’re worried the phrase “hard worker” itself is unprofessional or insincere.

Well, it’s a good thing you stumbled across this article!

After all, we’ll teach you how to describe someone who is hardworking with plenty of helpful synonyms to mix things up.

Is It Professional to Say Someone Is a Hard Worker?

It is professional to say someone is a hard worker.

Generally, it’s a good thing to refer to someone as a hard worker. After all, it implies they put a lot of time and effort into the work they do and what they get out of their job.

For the most part, if you describe yourself or someone else as a “hard worker,” you’re speaking highly of that person.

Feel free to review this sample to learn how to say “hard worker” on a resume:

I am a hard worker. So, I’m willing to put a lot of time into what I achieve.


  • It’s a simple yet effective way to show how good of an employee you are.
  • It’s a buzz word that often helps you to stand out.


  • It’s fairly overused and generic.
  • There are more interesting ways to show someone works hard.

So, there’s nothing wrong with saying “hard worker.” But that doesn’t mean it’s your only option! It’s time to explore some alternatives to learn what else can work.

Keep reading to learn how to say someone is a hard worker. We’ve gathered some great alternatives to give you some idea as to what works best in your writing.

What to Say Instead of “Hard Worker”

  • Diligent professional
  • Industrious individual
  • Dedicated worker
  • Committed employee
  • Productive team member
  • Tireless
  • Persistent
  • Tenacious
  • Disciplined

1. Diligent Professional

You can refer to a hard worker by calling them a “diligent professional.”

For the most part, this works well when writing a letter of recommendation. It’s good to include this when describing a hard-working person if you’re trying to help their job prospects.

Most employers and recruiters will appreciate seeing something like this.

After all, it suggests that you’re always impressed with someone’s work ethic or capacity.

Also, it helps that the phrase itself is professional and sincere. So, it’s an effective way to communicate someone’s strengths in a formal setting.

Check out the following letter sample to learn more if you’re still unsure:

To Whom It May Concern,

Joey is a diligent professional and always gives a task his full attention.

I’m certain you’ll be impressed by his tenacity.

Thank you,
Crystal Williams

2. Industrious Individual

For something a bit more unique, try “industrious individual.”

This is another way to say someone is a hard worker when it matters. For instance, you can use it when praising an employee.

It might be good to include something like this in a congratulatory email.

Sometimes, employees need to be reminded that you value them. A phrase like this will be a great way for you to do that without being too over the top.

It’ll boost employee morale quickly. It also shows that the work they put into your company is valuable and useful, which should encourage them to stick around for longer.

So, here’s a helpful email sample to show you a bit more about it:

Dear Thomas,

You are clearly an industrious individual, and I’m happy you’re on board.

Please continue working on this project, as I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Best wishes,
Sharon Kennett

3. Dedicated Worker

Also, try “dedicated worker” to show that you are a hard worker. It’s good to use something like this in a resume.

Generally, this is a great way to impress a recruiter. It suggests that you dedicate your time and energy to your work and get the best possible results out of it.

For the most part, it’s a formal synonym. So, it’s a useful phrase to include when you want someone to see just how seriously you take your workload.

You may also review the following resume examples to learn a bit more about it:

I’m a dedicated worker and put every effort into my workload. That’s why I know I’m right for this role.

As a dedicated worker, I have some of the best results in my company. I’m certain you’ll be impressed.

4. Committed Employee

If you’re wondering how to tell someone they are hardworking, try “committed employee.”

This could be a useful synonym when contacting an employee.

Let’s say they wrote to you about a new potential job offer. Well, you can reply with a phrase like this to let them know just how useful they are to your company.

It might be all they need to hear to stick around. So, it’s always worth including it.

Also, it helps that the phrase is formal and sincere. Therefore, most employees are going to be overjoyed to hear it, even if they’ve already decided to move to a new company.

You should review the following sample email if you still need help:

Dear Alex,

You’re a committed employee for us, so it would be a shame to see you go.

Is there anything I can do to convince you to stick around?

Sara Roper

5. Productive Team Member

You can say someone worked really hard by writing “productive team member.”

For instance, it might be good to use this when describing yourself in a resume. It’s a good opportunity for you to demonstrate that you work well with others.

After all, most job roles require some element of teamwork. Therefore, the more productive you are in a team, the better suited to most opportunities you’ll be.

It’s an impressive and formal phrase to include in a resume. Most recruiters will see it and realize that you’re worth considering for an interview.

You can also review these resume samples for a bit more information:

I’m a productive team member and always bring my best ideas to the table. You can count on me to help out.

As a productive team member, I make it my duty to ensure everyone is on the same page.

6. Tireless

You can use “tireless” as a one-word synonym when describing a hard-working student.

For instance, you may want to use this when writing a letter of recommendation.

For the most part, it’s a great way to describe someone who puts a lot of time and energy into their work.

So, if a student is tireless, it implies they don’t stop until they’ve completed their work to a high degree. This is often a fantastic way to recommend them to others when they’re moving away from school.

Check out this sample letter to learn a bit more about it:

Dear Hiring Manager,

Sandra is the most tireless student I’ve ever met.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who can match even half of her capacity.

Best wishes,
Julia Lodi

7. Persistent

Next, you can call someone “persistent” to show others that they put a lot of effort into things.

A persistent employee or worker is someone who works much harder than those around them. They also usually keep trying to succeed with things, even the most difficult tasks.

So, you can use this when writing a resume. It’s a good chance for you to impress a recruiter by showing them what you can do.

It’s also smart to review these examples to learn more:

I’m very persistent, and I make sure to get the most out of my workload. That’s why I know this is a good fit for me.

People call me persistent because I work hard and achieve even the most complicated of things.

8. Tenacious

Feel free to call someone “tenacious” when you want to show how hard they work.

This is an excellent way to show that someone puts effort into the things they do.

It works best when praising an employee. If you call them tenacious, it shows that you’re always thoroughly impressed with what they can achieve.

For the most part, it works well in a formal email. It’s also a great way to try and boost an employee’s morale.

Feel free to review this example if you still don’t get it:

Dear Mathew,

You’re so tenacious, and I’m glad you’re on my team.

I have a few new tasks that I’d love you to get started on.

Best regards,
Katie Sutton

9. Disciplined

Finally, you might want to say you’re “disciplined” instead of “hard-working.”

It’s a good choice to include this in a resume. After all, it shows you have a lot of discipline because you value your job role and want to do the best at it.

Generally, this appeals to employers. They’ll look for more disciplined employees because they will often bring the most value and efficacy to the office.

Also, you can review these resume examples to learn a bit more:

Being disciplined helps me to find the most effective ways to manage my workload.

I’m very disciplined in the workplace. Therefore, I’m certain you won’t find anything that’s too difficult for me to complete.