9 Professional Ways to Say “Excited About the Opportunity”

Receiving a new job is always exciting news. So, it’s worth sharing your excitement with a recruiter or employer in the best (and most professional) way.

“Excited about the opportunity” is one option, but is it the most professional alternative?

This article will explore some synonyms to replace “excited about the opportunity.”

Is It Professional to Say “Excited About the Opportunity”?

It is professional to say “excited about the opportunity.” It works well in business emails as it shows that you are excited by the prospect of something new (i.e., a job interview for a new position).

We recommend using this in formal emails when talking to new employers. After all, it can never hurt to show them how keen you are.

Check out this example to help you with it:

I am excited about the opportunity to work with you and pursue a career in this field.


  • It’s a great phrase to show excitement professionally.
  • It’s very polite.


  • It’s not the most creative phrase.
  • It’s a bit overused.

“Excited about the opportunity” is certainly a good option in formal emails. You should use it whenever possible. Though, it doesn’t hurt to have a few alternatives ready to mix things up.

So, read on to learn how to say “excited about the opportunity” professionally. We’ve provided alternatives and examples for each.

What to Say Instead of “Excited About the Opportunity”

  • I am very much looking forward
  • I’m excited about this chance
  • I’m very eager
  • I’m very enthusiastic
  • I’m so keen
  • Excited about the prospect
  • Happy to be given this opportunity
  • Keen to get the chance
  • Proud of this opportunity

1. I Am Very Much Looking Forward

It’s always exciting to be presented with new opportunities in life. You should certainly try to highlight your excitement by including “I am very much looking forward” instead of “excited about the opportunity” in your emails or cover letters.

It shows you are keen and excited to start something new. Most new employers will look at a phrase like this and see potential and enthusiasm behind you. So, it’s worth using to prove that you’re going to be worth hiring.

This email example will also help you with it:

Dear Ms. Adams,

I am very much looking forward to interviewing for this job. I’m excited about the opportunity to prove myself.

Charlie Bennett

2. I’m Excited About This Chance

To keep things simple and formal, try saying “I’m excited about this chance.” It’s a great phrase to include in most business emails because it shows you cannot wait to see what the future holds since you’ve been given a chance to test yourself.

We recommend using this when emailing an employer. If you’ve just received a new job, this is a great way to introduce yourself and show that you’re keen to see where the opportunity might take you.

Check out this email sample as well:

Dear Ms. Hollyoaks,

I’m excited about this chance and can’t wait to join the team. I’m sure I’ll be a good fit.

Adam Lambert

3. I’m Very Eager

Another way to say “excited about the opportunity” is “I’m very eager.” It’s an incredibly useful phrase if you want to sound more friendly and formal.

Generally, it works well in emails when presented with a new opportunity. For instance, you may have been invited to an interview. “I’m very eager” shows that you can’t wait to attend the interview and let a recruiter know what you can do for the company.

Here’s a great email example to show you how it works:

Dear Dr. Schuh,

I’m very eager to interview with you on Friday. Is there anything you would like me to bring along?

Kind regards,
Joanna Kingston

4. I’m Very Enthusiastic

“I’m very enthusiastic” is a great phrase to include in most business emails when accepting a new job. It shows you’re keen to take on a new role. This will generally show an employer that you’re excited and ready to see what you can do.

Since you’ve already said you’re enthusiastic, you will encourage employers to take you on to see what you’re made of. It’s a great way to paint yourself in a more positive light. You can’t go wrong with it in the early stages of employment.

Perhaps this sample email will help you understand things more:

Dear Ms. Dunphy,

I’m very enthusiastic about learning more. I hope this meeting will be equally beneficial for both of us.

Kind regards,
Samuel Weissman

5. I’m So Keen

You can say “I’m so keen” instead of “excited about the opportunity” to show you’re ready to take on a new challenge. It works well when accepting a new job offer and emailing a new employer.

We highly recommend this one if you want to show a genuine passion for a job. After all, this will go a long way in proving to an employer that you’re a good hire. It’ll show them that you want the job more than most and will do whatever you can to perform.

You can also refer to this email sample:

Dear Ms. Clarkson,

I’m so keen to learn more from you. I’ve always admired your work ethic, and I believe we will get along well.

Adrian Munroe

6. Excited About the Prospect

“Prospect” and “opportunity” are very similar words in a business context. So, we recommend switching between “excited about the opportunity” and “excited about the prospect” to keep things interesting between emails.

You can use either phrase. “Excited about the prospect” works well when emailing new colleagues. It shows that the prospect of working together is exciting to you, and you can’t wait to see what you can do as part of the team.

Check out this example to help you with it as well:

Dear Hillary,

I’m excited about the prospect of working together. I hope my interview goes well so I can become your newest colleague.

All the best,
Fred Mars

7. Happy to Be Given This Opportunity

There’s nothing wrong with sharing positive emotions with someone after applying for a job. It’s a great way to show excitement for a role. You can do so with “happy to be given this opportunity.”

Emailing this phrase to a recruiter will show them that you’re proud to receive an interview offer. Generally, showing that you’re happy about a job role before you even interview for it is a great way to build a positive rapport quickly with your potential new employer.

You may also refer to this email example:

Dear Mrs. Smythe,

I’m so happy to be given this opportunity to apply for the role. I hope I’ll prove that I’m worth hiring.

All the best,
Suzanna Shaw

8. Keen to Get the Chance

You may want to say you’re “keen to get the chance” instead of “excited about the opportunity” to keep things fresh. It’s a great one to use in formal emails when you’ve been offered a good opportunity.

Generally, this phrase works well when emailing new employers. It shows you’ve already received a job and can’t wait to get stuck in.

Most employers will be happy to see your enthusiasm when using this phrase. It’s worth using to remind them they made the right choice by hiring you.

Here’s a useful example to also help you:

Dear Mr. Olsen,

I’m very keen to get the chance to join the team on Monday. I can’t wait to meet everyone and see how the office operates.

Rebecca Tanner

9. Proud of This Opportunity

You should be proud when something new and positive comes your way. Something like a new job or an opportunity to deliver a presentation could be exactly what you’re looking for. If you are proud of yourself, then say you are “proud of this opportunity.”

It shows employers that you care about the opportunity presented to you. It’s a great way to prove you’re a committed and enthusiastic employee. After all, it’s hard to come by genuinely passionate employees anymore.

Why not refer to this example if you’re still unsure:

Dear Ms. Powers,

I’m proud of this opportunity and know that I won’t let you down. You can count on me going forward.

Kind regards,
Benjamin Dickerson