9 Professional Synonyms for Going “Above and Beyond”

So, you’re trying to say that you or someone else has gone “above and beyond” in the workplace, right?

However, you’re a little concerned the phrase isn’t the most professional choice in a resume.

Luckily, you have options!

This article will teach you how to say “above and beyond” professionally when you need to use the right tone.

Is It Professional to Say “Above and Beyond”?

It is not professional to say “above and beyond.” While it is a great way to show you put a lot of effort into your work, it’s not considered a professional phrase.

Nevertheless, you can include it in a resume when applying for a more casual job. It shows you take your role seriously and do what you can to succeed.

Feel free to review this resume sample to learn more:

I always go above and beyond when it counts. That’s why I know I’ll be a great fit here.

You can also use it when filling out a job posting. It suggests you’re looking for specific people who will put a lot of work into their role.

Here’s a great job posting sample to show you more:

We are looking for someone who can go above and beyond in the workplace.


  • It’s a fun and light-hearted way to spice up your resume.
  • It lets employers know you put a lot of work into the things you do.


  • It’s unprofessional.
  • It’s quite generic, and you’ll find a lot of people use it to sell themselves.

So, it’s clear that “above and beyond” might not be the best phrase to use in formal settings. That’s why we recommend having a few alternatives ready to go.

Keep reading to learn another word for “above and beyond.” This article has provided some great synonyms to show you what other options you have.

What to Say Instead of “Above and Beyond”

  • Exceed expectations
  • Surpass the standard
  • Outperform
  • Go the extra mile
  • Overachieve
  • Go above what’s expected
  • Go the extra yard
  • Push the limits
  • Outshine

1. Exceed Expectations

The first synonym we want to go through is “exceed expectations.” Generally, this is a great way to show that you or someone else is able to go “above and beyond.”

We recommend using this when writing a letter of recommendation. It shows that an employee is happy to go above and beyond, and you want to praise them for it.

For the most part, this is a professional and sincere phrase. It lets people know that you have a serious candidate and want them to do well.

Feel free to review this letter sample to learn more about it:

To Whom It May Concern,

Adam always exceeds expectations.

Therefore, you can expect truly great things from him when he starts working with you.

Best regards,
Don Murphy

2. Surpass the Standard

Next, you can use “surpass the standard.” It’s another synonym for “above and beyond” that shows you’re looking for someone to put good effort into their work.

Generally, this works when writing a job posting. It shows you’re looking for hard-working and diligent employees.

Generally, the phrase is professional. It’ll encourage people to apply for your job and take the posting seriously when they’re looking for a more formal atmosphere.

Here are some great job posting examples to show you more:

We are looking for someone willing to surpass the standard. It’s a great chance for you to prove yourself against like-minded folk.

Are you ready to surpass the standard and prove yourself? If so, this is the job for you!

3. Outperform

If you’re looking for one word for going above and beyond, you can use “outperform.”

It’s a simple choice that works well in a resume. Generally, it shows that you’re capable of working hard and performing better than your peers.

We recommend using it to impress recruiters. It’s a fantastic choice that shows you’re able to put work into a project or situation to get it done properly.

So, you can review these resume samples to learn a bit more about it:

I am always able to outperform my peers. I’m willing to work harder and put in more time and effort when necessary.

I can outperform most of the people I work alongside. That’s why I know that I’m going to suit this role well.

4. Go the Extra Mile

A formal synonym for “above and beyond” is “go the extra mile.”

Generally, this works best when writing a job posting. It suggests that you’re looking for like-minded individuals who are willing to put more work in than most of their peers.

Feel free to use this because it’s formal and direct. It gets your point across and lets people know immediately what you expect from them if they start working for you.

You can also review these examples to learn more about it:

We’re looking for people who are willing to go the extra mile. If that’s you, then this is the place to be.

We want someone to go the extra mile and show us what they can do! Are you going to show us you have what it takes?

5. Go Above What’s Expected

Next, it’s worth using “go above what’s expected” in your writing.

This is a versatile choice. However, it works best when writing a recommendation letter. After all, it suggests that an employee is good at doing more than you asked them to.

After all, we all “expect” a certain amount of work from people. So “going above what’s expected” suggests that employees are willing to put more effort in, even if you don’t ask for it.

You can also review this letter sample to learn more about how it can work:

To Whom It May Concern,

You’ll quickly learn that Darryl will go above what’s expected.

He’s always able to put himself out there and prove himself.

Toni Tanker

6. Overachieve

You can use “overachieve” to describe someone who goes above and beyond. It’s a good formal synonym that works well if you only want one word.

Feel free to use this when writing a job listing. Lots of employees will consider themselves to be “overachievers” looking to put a lot of work into something.

We recommend using it because it encourages the best workers to apply. After all, it’s a powerful word that tests whether people are really willing to put effort into their role.

Feel free to review these posting samples to learn a bit more about it:

Are you an overachiever looking for a new challenge? Then perhaps this role is the one for you.

If you’re looking to overachieve in the workplace, look no further! We’ve got plenty of opportunities to share with you.

7. Go the Extra Yard

Another phrase to include on your resume is “go the extra yard.” This lets prospective recruiters know that you’re diligent and determined to do well.

So, we recommend using this when letting people know what you’re made of. It suggests that you’re good at your job, and you want people to see that in your work.

Of course, if you truly “go the extra yard,” it will often be clear to employers. So, you should only include a phrase like this when you’re willing to prove yourself quickly.

You should also check out these resume samples to learn more:

I always go the extra yard to show people what I can do. It’s the best way I know to get ahead in the workplace.

I want to go the extra yard. It’s important to me because I value my work and want to show you what I’ve got.

8. Push the Limits

Next, it’s good to say you “push the limits.” Quite frankly, this is an excellent way to show that you’re always up for a challenge.

If you’re always up for a challenge, it also suggests you’re willing to “go above and beyond.”

The phrase is direct and sincere. It lets employers know what you’re made of, and it shows you will stop at nothing until you succeed.

So, you can review these CV samples if you’d like to learn a bit more:

I tend to push the limits when possible. Otherwise, I don’t see the point in testing myself and progressing.

It’s good to push the limits. I’m always looking for the next challenge to see what can make me work harder.

9. Outshine

Finally, you can use “outshine” as another word for “above and beyond.”

This works well when selling yourself on a resume. After all, it lets people know that you’ll do what you can to shine brighter than everyone else around you.

For the most part, this is a fantastic way to convince and employer to interview you (at the very least).

And again, it’s easy to prove whether you can outshine those around you. So, it won’t be long before you’re put to the test.

Before you go, check out these resume samples to learn more:

I outshine most of my peers on a daily basis. That’s why I know I’m ready for a more impactful position.

It helps that I outshine those around me frequently. I can’t wait to see what else I can get out of this.