Can You Start a Sentence With “As”?

It is correct to start a sentence with the word “as” in both formal and informal writing. When you use “as” at the beginning of a sentence, it generally forms a dependent clause followed by a second clause. Also, the word that appears after “as” determines the meaning.

Starting a sentence with “as” is correct and there are many different meanings depending on what comes after it.

  • As discussed in last week’s meeting, we are meeting on Friday instead of Thursday.

There are several phrases that you can use when you put “as” at the start of a sentence depending on what you want to say.

Here are some of the most common:

  • As well as
  • As such
  • As a result
  • As for
  • As opposed to
  • As per
  • As far as
  • As long as
  • As you know

Here are some examples of the phrases in context:

  • As long as you study the material, you will pass the exam.
  • As a result of his bad behavior, we are excluding him for five days.

Are you still doubtful about how to use “as” to start a sentence, or do you want to see more examples in context? Then keep reading the rest of the article to learn more about using “as” to begin a sentence.

Can You Start a Sentence With “As” in Formal Writing?

It is perfectly acceptable for you to begin a sentence in formal or academic writing with the word “as.”

At the start of a sentence, the word “as” can have many different functions depending on what comes after it.

For example:

  • As well as – means the same as “in addition to”
  • As a result – means the same as “consequently” or “because of”
  • As opposed to – means “in contrast to”

Therefore, the words you put after “as” are what determine its meaning, rather than the word “as” itself.

Here are some examples in context:

  • As well as failing his math exam, he has also been skipping class.
  • As a result of her efforts, Mary did exceptionally well in the evaluations.
  • As opposed to Europe, Latin America has very few safety regulations for vehicles.

There is nothing wrong with starting a sentence with “as” and it is considered formal. However, here are some alternatives you may wish to use instead:

  • Consequently (As a result)
  • In addition to (As well as)
  • In contrast (As opposed to)

Can You Start a Sentence With “As” in Informal Writing?

Starting a sentence with the word “as” in informal writing is perfectly acceptable, and there are no rules against it.

The word “as” is not regarded as formal, and people use it commonly in informal messaging and texts.

  • As soon as I get there, I will let you know.
  • As far as I know, the party starts at 9 pm.